ALDI Catalogue Christmas Festive Foods 30 Oct

See seafood and fantastic meat products in this ALDI Catalogue. Cooked lobster, buttery, prawns, salmon, and more items are on pg 2-3. Packaged turkey offers like turkey thigh roast and turducken roast are being promoted on pg 2-5. This is the first time ALDI Catalogue has these festive foods for celebration parties on a catalogue this year. Maybe they had similar products in January after new year’s eve. I don’t remember that but currently, there is some nice turkey meat sale on pg 4-5. ALDI Catalogue Christmas Festive foods are mostly seafood and turkeys.
ALDI has retro toys for everyone. Some might remember such toys from their childhood. Retro is a really popular theme in the 2010s. I also believe it’ll be even more popular to have some retro things in the 2020s, too. These toys are being shown on the catalogue:

Learn about a smart TV deal and TV accessories on pg 8-9. Android TVs can run apps like Netflix. Speaking of smartness, ALDI also has smart home products that can be used to monitor the activities and consumption of energy. Car products, car seat cushion, cleaning accessories, and more are also available in the new ALDI Catalogue.

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