ALDI Catalogue Christmas Food 2 Oct 2019

Find sweets and traditional foods of European style on ALDI Catalogue. The details of all products are available on pg 2-3. ALDI offers some Italian carbs as nice Christmas treats. Italian panettone 750g will cost $6.49. Considering you will probably want to buy or make some Aussie Christmas sweets, ALDI Catalogue can be a great idea as an online source. I can also suggest some classic dessert ideas according to Aussie tradition. Pavlova is a great example of the traditional approach of celebration. Also, Christmas pudding is a very classic idea of dessert for Christmas. Browse the entire product range of the catalogue for similar desserts and European snacks.
Find Asian food to fill your pantry up. You may want to try some new recipes with authentic products such as basmati rice, Indian meal kits, curry, and many more on pg 4-5. ALDI has some home products that will be a great relief for your allergy. If you have been seeking some allergy relief products, check out pg 6&7. You can redesign your living room at ALDI next week. Sofa, units, coffee table, and more are available in home range:

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