ALDI Catalogue Easter Sale 15 March 2017

As one of the classic sales of Easter by ALDI Catalogue, it contains lots of chocolate bunnies.ALDI Catalogue Easter Sale 15 March 2017 Favourite brands, great prices, wide range exhibited on 9 pages of the catalogue and many more savory shopping benefits will be on your side this week. Shop for Easter products on 15th March. Find Easter eggs on pg 2-3, fabulous easter candies on pg 4, giant chocolate bunny on pg 5. Since it’s a large list of sweets you might even find it difficult to choose something. I recommend browsing all catalogue for getting familiar with these new special buys of Easter.

Flame eggs on pg 3 is filled with praline chocolates. A rare chocolate egg for Easter. Find also premium mini Easter bunnies and have a lot of sweet and decorative bunnies around in 16th Apr. Another great product is kid gift eggs. These are covered with honeycomb or poping candy. Pay only $4.99 to get them on 15 Mar.

You must go to pg 4 for colourful easter eggs, cookies, figures and more. ALDI has milk chocolate egg crate for only $4.89 for its 255g (15 pk). Easter celebration involves kids and they love colour and colourful candies. It’s best to check out pg 4 for all these candies. ALDI may not have something like this again.

ALDI Easter Candies 15 Mar 2017

Truffle eggs at ALDI will be priced at $4.29 on Wednesday. Shop for Giant chocolate bunny for $7.99 and Milk chocolate bunny 125g for $.99 each at ALDI. You should consider gifting plenty of chocolate eggs and bunnies. ALDI’s giftable eggs are viewable on pg 6&7. ALDI also contained Easter gifting accessories for $1.29/pk. Find tableware, painting kits, bunny plush and more on pg 8-9.

On 15 March you go to ALDI store for living room furniture, kids clothing and seasonal apparels. Don’t forget to get this catalogue for saving more.

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