ALDI Catalogue Easter Sale 20 March 2019 | Special Buys Week 12

ALDI’s Early Easter sale offers a lot of nice treats and chocolate variety including Easter bunny, Turkish delight, truffle eggs, and more. Ferrero Rocher chocolate eggs are one of the coolest and sweet treats from the product range on pg 2-3. Kids will have a holiday to enjoy these beauties. You can think of great gifts for children. People keep meat out off their table for Lent and you can find many Lenten foods on other weekly catalogues. These treats will embellish the table while you peacefully have dinner with the family and friends in holy days. Celebrate Easter with Easter Bilby, too. Mini farmyard animals, kids’ eggs, chocolate sitting bunny, and more will be on sale at ALDI Stores.
Some organizations have pancake day at the beginning of the Easter week. You can attend these events or if you are in Sydney, see the Royal Easter show. One more important thing about Easter is the hot cross buns which are the things that are frequently available in Coles and Woolworths Catalogues. Easter Toys of ALDI are on pg 6&7.

Moreover, you will find seafood for Lent on pg 8-9 of the ALDI Special Buys Catalogue. Conserved seafood is one of the best ways to spend this month since they are durable for a very long time. You might find spices, car care products, and workwear in this catalogue.

Some of the products from this catalogue (See all of them on the catalogue pages):

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