ALDI Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 23 Aug 2017 | Special Buys Week 34

ALDI Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 23 Aug 2017Choose a cool casual clothing for your dad from the selection of ALDI Catalogue. They are viewable on pg 4-5. A classic but thoughtful gift is possible with these casual apparels. Check out shirts, shorts, underwear, boots, and polo shirts on pg 4-5. They are Spring season picks. Jeans can also be seen in the range of ALDI online. Also, shop for candies, chocolates, snacks and gift packs consisting of these candies. Maltesers bucket (465g) is a good idea of gift. These are actually side gifts. Get something to take along with. Crafting products could be a good choice. ALDI has something which your dad probably will love. Darrell Lea Milk chocolate bullets are possible among the top deals. Check out Darrell Lea Dad’s Gift bag priced at $14.99 (685g). Enough for the whole family as a sweet in celebration day.

Another interesting trade of this week is “burgers and beefs” sale. This is exactly a man’s passion if he is fond of the food. Great kits to make perfect burgers and other kind of meat to grill or fry. Plates, craft brew kit, beer glass and fry pans. View those products on pg 8-9. They’ll love it!

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