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Every day available food products got promoted in the latest catalogue of the retailer. You can choose your perfect steak. From rare to well done options. There is a guide for how to do it.ALDI Catalogue Food Everyday Have a look at pg 16 to learn about the steak. Also, ALDI offers prices lowered down for meat products. All the steak meat deals can be seen on pg 16. ALDI’s 7 Day Deals are valid until 16 Jan. They can be found on pg 18-19. There is a hot price deal on a burger on the final page.

The catalogue is one of the best ones this week. They have baby room products and nursery on pg 2-5. You can shop Back to School products for lower prices on 17 January. Check out beauty products including cosmetics and personal care on pg 8-9. Pet Care range contains dog and cat food. Your essentials for DIY projects, portable workzone products and Xfinity plus power tools. They got promoted on pg 14-15. It’s possible to find work sneakers, work gloves, blower skin and many more.

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  1. I have been buying highland eye fillet nearly on a weekly basis for quite some time, mostly purchasing 2 pieces to the pack.My comment is that one piece is always superb and the piece under the wrapper is substandard full of gristle.If this was a one off I’d say it was unfortunate but for it to occur in every purchase seems it may be a Highland packaging practice. We always shop at Aldi Penrith plaza and I will probably continue to purchase eye fillet with the not so good piece used in a stir fry. I think maybe Aldi should investigate this matter further.

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