ALDI Catalogue Greek Food Sale

ALDI has a Greek food feast for everyone on 28 March. You can check out the deals on this Mediterranean dairy and packaged food on pg 8-9. Visit those pages to get a look at the best prices by ALDI on these fantastic food products.

Feta cheese, basically the white cheese, is a special cheese type that is best made in Greece and Turkey. In Denmark, they have a different kind of feta. That’s a thicker one compared to this Greek cheese. Baklava is also a very special dessert that is well made in these two countries.
These two products and Greek yoghurt are probably the most definitive food products to know about Greece. They are so popular in Israel, Egypt and other M. East countries as well. Taste this awesome food and have fun with your family or friends. I especially recommend white cheese with a fine drink from this geography. Raki is one of the most popular drinks that go with white (feta) cheese.

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