ALDI Catalogue Kitchenware 13 Jul 2019 | Special Buys Week 28

Hard anodised cookware of ALDI Catalogue is viewable on pFg 10-11. Browse black and modern looking kitchenware on these pages. The important thing is the heat conductivity. Superior conductivity than regular cook pots or fry pans makes your meals cook efficiently and maybe faster for some recipes. Meat is only good when you have a pan that can conduct the heat as best as it can get. 5 Year warranty comes with these products. Visit ALDI Stores to see them and buy them. Hard anodised wok with a lid will cost $29.99 on 13 July. You will have also kitchen gadgets and essentials. ALDI Catalogue has them on pg 12-13. Buy German steel knife sets, vacuum food refills, and more products that are viewable on pg 12-13. Vacuum food sealer with inbuilt roll holder will cost $79.99. If you like Italian cuisine and cook with a lot of sauces, ALDI Catalogue has some interesting products for you. Visit pg 14-15 to see truffle sauce, Italian burgundy truffles whole, Gourmet Rock Salt with grater and stand, and many more items on pg 14-15.

And more products are available. Discover ALDI Expressi the golden capsule. ALDI Catalogue has the every day prices on pg 16-17.

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