ALDI Catalogue Motorcycle Jacket 19 Aug 2017 | Special Buys Week 33

ALDI Catalogue Motorcycle Jacket 19 Aug 2017Your motorcycle jacket is a protector. Seek for a good jacket before you ride. If you tend to buy a standard leather jacket, you are mistaken because the main aim of these jackets is protection. Some of them are made of polymers like Kevlar. So it’s actually kind of an armour. One of the most important featured of a motorcycle jacket is the comfort that will allow your arms move freely. These jackets are obviously appropriate to use against weather conditions. ALDI sells a CE certificated jacket. Torque Mens motorcycle leather jacket is a 100% leather, CE certificated jacket. More importantly, that product gives you flexible movement ability. Its fabric allows air in. Considering Australia’s weather conditions ALDI Catalogue is successful with retailing this jacket and setting the price at $169!

Visit pg 6&7 for motorcycle gear. For ladies and men, essentials to stay safe and flexible are featured. These are must-haves of your inventory. Check out pg 8-9 for the Helmet, bluetooth kit, bags, accessories and so on.

If there is one thing important about a motorcycle. It’s the helmet. It prevents and reduce the chance of serious injuries that would effect for your whole life. Stay safe, pay the fair prices and quality products from ALDI.

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