ALDI Catalogue Outdoor Deals Special Buys Week 7 2017

Combine quality items for your inventory which you use during your outdoor activities. ALDI Catalogue Outdoor Deals Special Buys Week 7 2017ALDI’s special buys week 7 catalogue is a nice chance to shop for this type of products for fair prices. On pg 10-13, the outdoor products like coolers, caravan cover are being shown. These are on sale on Saturday, 18 February. Many of them are Australian made products, since their price/performance rate is satisfying. Check out pg 12-13 for these products:

Portable washing machine: this is a really interesting product which may help you for your long adventures. If you want to stay somewhere in the nature for like 1 week or longer, this machine is a perfect solution. Its capacity is 2kg as it is written. You can plug it to your caravan’s power. It’s a spinning washing machine, so I believe it may help to get a reasonably clean clothing. The price of ALDI for this is $99.99 ! Another essential product is clothesline. Of course you will need to let your laundry dry. You can fold down it so it won’t take a lot of space. Lightweight product is easily use this practical product and the price you must pay is $69.99.

Hoses will be available at ALDI stores. You can get one for $24.99 ! You need at least two hoses when enjoying the nature. One for drinking water and one for drainage. A lot of food storage products, plastic food containers were incuded by this catalogue. See them on pg 13.

You might get bored on this trip. So consider adding some entertainment products in your caravan. ALDI Catalogue special buys week 7 provided a list of them on pg 14. Pg 14-15 also shows portable products that might be needed for such an activity.

12″ rechargeable caravan fan $59.99 pg 14
Indoor/Outdoor Antenna $34.99
Premium rechargeable lantern $39.99
21.5″ LED LCD TV – DVD player built in $179

Caravan Table $49.99 pg 15
Premium director’s chair $39.99
Portable BBQ $79.99
Compact Cookware $69.99
Everclear tritan drinkware 2 pk $9.99

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