ALDI Catalogue Rain Jackets 26 Jun 2019 | Special Buys Week 26

Buy some rain clothing and look cool while protecting yourself from rainy days. ALDI Catalogue creates another extraordinary range of products in one of its catalogues. Special Buys Week 26 offers a new price range for products like the rain jacket, pants, rainboots, umbrella, and kids’ products. Visit pg 3 for cute rainboots. It’s not so cold in Australia but some days do have rainy climate and clouds. You may need some jackets and why not spend a lot on such products while ALDI Catalogue special buys exist with unique products and prices. Also, browse Bonds sleepwear or casual sportswear. Buy hoodie, pullover, trackie, sweatpants, and more items on pg 5. Everything you find at ALDI Stores will possibly have unique characteristics and prices.
You can also find some books for kids. Playbooks, sound books, DVDs, flip books, and Marvel’s Spider-Man are available on pg 7.

ALDI Kids’ books

More products will be in stores on 29 Jun. Visit ALDI on Saturday to find kitchenware, glassware, and more. Thermocafé thermos flask looks like a cool product to carry your coffee or other hot beverage around. See travel products on pg 10-11. Buy suitcase, travel adaptor kit, and more on 29 June. Moreover, professional hardware is again on sale at ALDI. High-pressure washers, tapes, ropes, and more powerful products are your items to improve your working zone with the Workzone products. Enlighten your place with the LED Worklight and more products.