ALDI Catalogue School Supplies 11 Jan 2017

Pencils, pens, calculators, note books, back packs and food containers for school by ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 2 2017 will be valid deals on Wednesday, 11 January. ALDI Catalogue School Supplies 11 Jan 2017It’s a great range consisting of all the needs for daily school life. Premium material made of high quality content that are all on sale. ALDI is famous with its occassional sales like this one.

ALDI offers pens and note books on pg 2-3.

Ballpoint pens 12 pk $1.19
Coloured pencils 24 pk $1.19
Highlighters 6 pk $2.49
Fineline pens 4 pk $2.99
Scientific calculator $6.99
Correction tape 2 pk $.99

Lever Arch folder or 2 ring binder $1.49
Hard Case portfolio $9.99
Pencil box case $9.99 ea
A4 paper refills 200 pk $3.49
A4 exercise or A4 binder book 128 $.47

Scrapbooks, markers, stationery products and pencils are available on pg 4. Check out backpacks and accessories on pg 5. Drink bottles, food containers, freezer bricks and like-class items have been contained by this catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Wed 11 Jan School Needs

Sistema lunch tub 2.3L $5.99
Decor drink bottle 2 pk $5.99
Cool Gear sports drink bottle 532 mL $4.99
Kids insulated lunch case $5.99

400mL sandwich containers or 1.2L wrap container $1.99
Snack containers $2.49
Smash freezer bricks assorted $1.99

School shoes for kids and boys are featured on ALDI Catalogue. Don’t skip pg 10-11 for the best prices of the school shoes. Quality material made to manufacture these products. Most people love these products and their current prices.

Kids Leather joggers $19.99 pr
Kids leather school shoes $29.99 pr
Youth leather school shoes $34.99 pr
Kids basic joggers $13.99 pr
Shoe polish or shoe deodoriser $3.49
Youth basic joggers $16.99 pr

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