ALDI Catalogue Snow Gear 18 May 2019 | Special Buys Week 20

Annual ALDI Catalogue Snow Gear sale is now available. Dozens of snow jackets, ski pants, vests, gloves, and kids’ snow gear are gonna be on sale on 18 May. 27 pages are completely about winter wear and snow gear. You can also find helmets, ski goggles, thermoboots, winter socks, beanies. Layers of warmth, special prices of ALDI and new products are what you can expect from the ALDI Snow Gear catalogues. Gloves are particularly good products. Normally, you would pay much more than ALDI’s prices for this quality. Inoc snow gear products can cost as low as $10. These are items like balaclava and gloves that allow you to use your smartphone. More is also available.

Find ski gear, snowboard, softshell winter clothing, ski pants and jackets, and more for adults on pg 6-13.

Adult’s Ski, Snowboard, and Snow Gear on ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 20

Feel comfortable, enjoy the beautiful white winter with ski jackets and pants. Breatheable, waterproof jackets will cost $59.99 and pants will be only $49.99. One of the best features of these jackets and pants are that they are wind resistant. When the wind strikes it is much colder than the temperature forecast tells you. Various sizes are available.

Dive in the thick snow layers with the safety of snowboard pants. Again, waterproof and breathable layers of these snowboard clothing are some of the best things about the ALDI snow gear sales. Click on the names of the products to see them.

Not everyone is as active as the ones with the passion of snow. Some only want to enjoy the landscape and sunshine reflecting on ice and snow. One of the joys of winter in the high hills is to walk around with your kids. However, that might also require some equipment like vests or jackets. It can be really cold and you will be sweating after a while walking through the nature. Enjoy the mother nature with your caution of snow gear. ALDI offers a range of softshell jackets and more products on pg 10-11.

Don’t skip the importance of accessories too. Not only your body gets cold but your hands can be really struggling to handle things when it’s so cold. ALDI’s Inoc winter gloves are perfect designs to keep your hands warm while they are also able to use a smartphone. Check out snow gear accessories on pg 12-13. Also, ski jackets and pants are on that side of the catalogue.

ALDI Snow Gear For Kids and Thermal Underwear

Pretty much the same quality and equipment are also available for kids. A winter holiday with kids is the best time of the year. Buy pants, jackets for kids at ALDI on 18 May. ALDI Catalogue offers these items on pg 16-17. One more important thing about the cold needs to be mentioned. I have been to Lithuania once in January. It was like -30 degrees cold there. No way you can walk 10 minutes without the thermal underwear. When soldiers go to duty in cold places like that, the first thing recommended is the thermal underwear. Don’t skip the deals by ALDI on these underwear products on pg 18-19. They are more like sleepwear, too. When it’s hot inside but a bit chilly these are best to wear while you sleep.



Buy accessories like gloves and goggles for kids. Children’s ski goggles will protect their eyes from cold and wind. They will cost only $14.99 on 18 May. Helmets, socks, thermo boots are also available items. See some of these below:



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