ALDI Catalogue Snow Gear 2018 | Special Buys Week 20


Winter has come! If you are a fan of skiing and snowboarding activities check out this Aldi Catalogue. The annual sale of ALDI Stores is again promoted with a new catalogue. This is Special Buys Week 20 that has those classic products we love. INOC and Crane snowboard equipment and outfits will be on sale. I think these products will meet the requirement of a winter sports activity and Aldi will help you to save on all of this high quality material.

Snowboard, ski, thermal wear, accessories, shoes and the necessary clothing for these activities are available through the catalogue. Start browsing on pg 1 to pg 27. You should see all the deals in case you want to involve in such activities this winter.

First of all, Aldi prepared a list of health care products that would be a good selection for winter. You would expect durability and comfort from this kind of products. Prices over performance rate are really high at Aldi. I must warn you about the crowd that will probably happen in stores of Aldi. Snow Gear sales are usually
so popular and people try to buy something as soon as the sales are launched. This year it will be on 19 May 2018.

Take a look at the jackets, pants, snow and skiing products in this Aldi Catalogue.

Accessories are important as well as major clothing items like snow pants and jackets. Leather gloves, balaclava, and products that will enable your hands still use your phone while wearing gloves are going to be available on 19 May 2018. Find these products, check out the prices.


Once I was in Lithuania and there was -30 C degree temperature in February there. People told me to buy leather gloves and thermal underwear as soon as possible because otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to endure the cold outside. Believe me, you will need thermal underwear if you want to feel comfortable during your winter activities. For example, without goggle, you would have the hardship to have a good sight.


Also, socks, beanie, hood tops, fleece products and others can be seen on pg 16&17. More accessories and thermoboots are going to be in stocks by Aldi. Remember to view these products on pg 18-19. The same class of products will be also available in sizes for kids. Not exactly the same ones but the same quality. Thermal underwear, ski jackets, snow pants and helmets for kids will be at Aldi Stores within Snow Gear sale.

Shop ski jackets and snow pants for kids on pg 20-23.

Accessories for kids including helmets and boots:

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