Aldi Catalogue Special Buys 7 Jul 2018

Aldi Catalogue offers for 7 July are baby care products including nappies, diapers, etc. and baby room products. The essentials of modern life of growing a child are on sale on Saturday at Aldi stores. Also, find child safety products and strollers. Visit pg 10 to find the products which are the ones for walking your kid safely and easily. Fantastic prices are available at Aldi.

Other than that, backpacks, foldable bags and more tracking equipment will be on sale. Find outdoor pants and jacket which will company you when you are tracking. Wool winter products can keep you warm enough to feel comfortable. For ladies and men, there are good prices. Aldi also covered water proof shell jackets, hiking towels etc. Find drink bottles that are durable against dropping them on hard surfaces. Boots, gloves, socks, portable chairs, lights, and more will also be in the sale. All you need to go out deep in the wild.

Baby Care and Nursery Products

Mother’s Choice Products:

Winter Outdoor Activity Clothing and Equipment

You can find waterproof products and high-quality equipment for your journey.

Find all these deals on the latest Aldi Catalogue and even more. Expressi coffee capsules, Alcafe cappucino and other coffee types, canned soup variety on pg 20-23. Supersavers meat deals until 3 July. Find all these deals for more savings this week at Aldi.

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