ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 27 June 2015

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 27 June 2015 including great randomness of the essentials, entertainment, some books, American treats, snacks and their amazing prices.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 27 June 2015 ALDI Special Buys Week 27 travel products are available on the pg; 2 featuring great price range of the luggage that are essentials during your whole journey.


ALDI Catalogue included home appliances, Crane sports products, outdoor essentials, vests for hiking, and leggings for ladies. Please go to the pg; 12-13.
Adults down vest $29.99 pg; 12-13
Adults leisure pant $29.99
Merino tee $24.99
Merino Long sleeve top $34.99

ALDI Catalogue sells great products for kids. Entertaining educational products for kids, books, some electronics are available in the pg; 2-3. Check out the details about the ALDI products.
School zone books $2.99 pg; 2
Jack N Jill children’s percussion packs $12.99
Project books $2.49
Onix Kid 7″ tablet $69.99 pg; 3.
Melissa&Drug sound peg puzzles $14.99

ALDI American Treats 1 July 2015

ALDI American treats such as Hershey’s chocolate bar, Arnott’s krackel, Oreo biscuits are available in the pg; 4.
Sweet Baby Ray’s gourmet bbq sauce $2.99 pg; 4
Snapple iced tea $1.99
Hershey’s/Reese’s chocolate blocks $3.49
Junior mints/milk duds $2.99
Nestle chocolate bars $1.79


ALDI travel supplies are spinner suitcase, special buys of products of high quality road companions. See the top quality products of these and make profit out of this shopping.
Skylite London 55 cm ABS spinner suitcase $39.99 pg; 6
Lily&Dan kids travel bag $19.99
Skylite business travel bag $79.99
Bauhn noise cancelling headphones $39.99

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  1. Sandra MacDougal

    Looking for an Adults Down Vest – size XL – on sale in catalogue Week 24 – 30th June. Is it possible to still purchase one from an Aldi Store?

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