ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 35 August 2015

Father’s Day gifts of ALDI Catalogue special buys week 35 is worth to spend time browsing.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 35 August 2015 New products of ALDI special buys catalogue is primary place to seek a good gift within this week of August. You may browse 22 pages of products especially special buys to this week.
on 26 August – 29 August sales you can find in-car accessories such as GPS system, entertainment system, in-car chargers, rechargeable recorders, rear view mirror reversing camera, grooming gifts, original brand personal care items, and even bakery products. This week ALDI Expressi is again present on the catalogue. Moreover glassware that will look and fit perfect in your desk or table are featured on the same section. All these are on sale in 26 Aug.

OUTDOOR LIVING products featuring BBQ varieties, and essential accessories to manage a good party of BBQ in your garden are available ON PG 18&19. Check out camping equipment, basic products for fishing like fishing rod, and Father’s Day gifts.


All categories and special buys to this week are listed below:

CAR ACCESSORIES featuring navigator, DVD player, charger, car stereo, recorder and more PG 2&3
GROOMING GIFTS FOR FATHERS including hair clipper set, men’s shaver, multipurpose, anti-dandruff shampoo PG 4&5
HAS NO bakery products featuring chocolate brownie, cupcake mix, pasta side dishes, cheese twists and many more PG6&7 (GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS)
ALDI EXPRESSI coffee machine and mug varieties for a comfortable use PG 8&9

26 AUG 2015

OUTDOOR LIVING AND BBQ products including essential products of BBQ parties. Check out all of these on PG 10-11
FISHING AND CAMPING EQUIPMENT including boat cover, fishing rod, lighting kit, weather station, reel combo, PG 12&13
FATHERS DAY gifts include jukebox bluetooth/CD, Air hockey table, turntable cassette and CD, poker table topper, dartboard set etc. PG 14&15
TV and DVD players. Home entertainment products from ALDI special buys catalogue ON PG 16&17

Moreover ALDI groceries and 7 Day deals are featured on this ALDI catalogue. For more of this type of products check out Target, Kmart, Big W, Myer.

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