ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 37 Furniture

ALDI Catalogue special buys week 37 furniture deals which you can see and shop online on the authorized official pages is the major issue of this post.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 37 Furniture As the ALDI is one of the leading brand of retailers among the categories here this is a considerable product range. For furniture and essentials of your house it is a good saving and shopping. One of the choices of the ALDI Catalogue is adding a little old fashion even vintage theme on their range of furniture. For your working office you can prefer a vintage style ottoman and chair. This goes well with the movie posters from old times. Like Pulp Fiction or Rocky posters which would be perfectly matching these furniture offers. All the viewable products are available in the section of ALDI Catalogue. Current catalogue can be browsed and reached by the links attached to the first page image of the retailer.


In 9 September 2015 You can shop for :

In 12 September 2015 you can shop for:

And you can also shop ALDI groceries in this week for the special prices. Check out full content of this catalogue on the preview page!

2 thoughts on “ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 37 Furniture”

  1. I am sincerely disappointed in ALDI’s customer service and products. This is due to, an unfortunate circumstance, as I arrived at eight in the morning in anticipation of their Bauhn Black Series 65′ Smart TV which was selling for a bargain price of $1200, only to find that to my dismay, they had sold out, before even opening. I also found that there were no places in the shop for the placement of this merchandise. I was very upset at ALDI’s poor effort in ensuring customer satisfaction, as I am a long term and loyal customer of ALDI’s and their bargain basement prices. I was also informed by the staff that shops all across Queensland were sold-out. This does not make sense to me, as that was the first day of the sale, and I was present when the shop opened. This, to me, seems like false advertising in order to get customers through the doors in order to buy other products, I for one, left straight away without purchasing any other item.

  2. Evening….. Was just enquiring about the chair and Ottoman that was advertised in your catalogue dated sept 5th 2015.($349) if there is any stock left ?

    Rose (Sydney)

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