ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 43 2016

Browse the latest products from ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 43 2016 consisting of desserts, extremely good taste of cookies, air conditioning products, very well designed and powerful kitchen and home appliances, beach products, pet care products and all are on sale. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 43 2016ALDI makes a special deal again. The deal of gourmet selection desserts, special sauces from ALDI Catalogue are available on pg 2-5. Various desserts like chocolate cakes and sauces like vinegar of 250mL bottles can be found on these pages. It’s getting hot. Do you need an air conditioner ? Then you have the ALDI Catalogue providing a classy selection of air conditioners, fans, cooling fans etc. Extremely good prices exist for these products. Moreover the benefits of this catalogue for your house cannot be limited to these products. If you need a special selection of home appliances and some kitchen products you can have a look at the pg 8-9. When the sun is up we always think of going to beach with no doubt. Certain products are absolutely the need of yours whenever you go to beach. Don’t rise the expenses of these products. It’s possible at ALDI Catalogue to get them all for the perfect prices.

ALDI Catalogue SB W43 Gourmet Products

Desserts, cookies, special sauces on pg 2-3:

Golden champagne pudding 900g $9.99
Luxury Hazelnut encrusted panettone 750g $14.99
Luxury Fudge 150g $4.99
Golden Champagne pudding 900g $9.99
Italian panforte 250g $7.99

Finishing Vinegars 250mL $6.99
Luxury Black Forest Stollen 800g $9.99
Premium Vintage Christmas pudding 700g $13.99
Cranberry or lingonberry sauce 220g $1.99

If you are fan of Gourmet cookies, freaking good Swiss chocolate and derivative sweets, hazelnut, almond all are inside these beauties. I predict that it’s almost impossible to find these products at any other places.

ALDI Catalogue SB W43 Air Conditioners

The problem of most air conditioners is that of their motors. It could be challenging to find a good one for fair price. ALDI now makes a special deal of Reverse cycle inverter split system air conditioner which can be seen on pg 6. Regulating the motor speed it provides a silent flawless work for your comfort. Only price you need to pay for it is $599 on pg 6.

Reverse cycle inverter split system air conditioner $599
LED Ceiling fan with remote $169
Portable air conditioner $379
Wooden tripod fan $119
Tower cooling fan $39.99
40 cm pedestal fan $39.99

Visit pg 8-9 for kitchen appliances and cookware. High performance products for your kitchen and extremely good prices by ALDI will be your chance to save more. On 26 October 2016 go to the stores to get freezers, glass kettle, stick mixer, microwave oven and many more products.

82L Upright freezer $199
145L chest freezer $249
129L bar fridge $189
Food slicer $49.99
Glass Kettle $34.99
Stick Mixer $19.99
Digital Air Fryer $99.99
34L Microwave oven $119

ALDI Catalogue SB W43 Summer Range

Both outdoor activies have their matches in this catalogue. You can find camping equipment like tents and beach products like towels. Pg 10-11 and pg 12-13 should be a quick guide for you to discover them. Don’t forget to check out the preview of the catalogue and compare them with other catalogues. You might always find a cheaper price.

Pro bodyboard $19.99
Beach cabana $59.99
Beach caddy $49.99
Children’s beach towel $7.99
Sunscreen 1L SPF50+ $8.49

And Camping equipment with premium quality, durable outer surface, handy tools and necessary power to sustain life in the nature.

6 Person tent with screen room $139
Collapsible kettle 240V $29.99
Premium LED headlight $9.99
Mugs to Go 2pk $5.99
Campout S’Mores kit 445g or marshmallows 453g $5.99
LED camping lantern $24.99

Find fishing rod, other fishing equipment, accessories, hand tools and many more necessary things to hunt them down. You have the good deals and quality 4 burner BBQ to grill the fish you collected from fruitful lands of Australia. Pet care products, pet feeding items can be found on pg 18-19.

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