ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 44 2016

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 44 2016 is the catalogue of Christmas.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 44 2016 You can find pretty nice looking lighting elements in this catalogue as well as decorative items, electronics and some confectionery. More than that you got this catalogue for kids’ swimsuits and adults as well. Fitness wear, work out equipment, premium quality are all the subjects on this catalogue. With the new cleaning appliances and extraordinary prices adjusted for all customers you can enjoy this catalogue even though you had prepared your shopping list already. Go to the preview and renew your items in the list of you have something you are unsure about.

ALDI Christmas Lighting

Solar lighting equipment will change your garden into a great Christmas gathering place. LED solar fairy lights, novelty lights, rope light and special buys price range of these products can be seen on pg 2-3. On 2 November 2016 you can shop with these prices.

250 LED solar fairy lights $14.99
150 LED Solar Novelty light $19.99
LED Solar candy cane path lights 4pk $14.99
Laser Light projector $79.99
150 cm LED Santa Stop Here Post $99.99

Embellish your Christmas tree with the best lighting you can get from ALDI with this catalogue.

ALDI Christmas Trees

Grab the measure, take notes and come ALDI to test the freshness of these trees. They are all the best. Do you know how to test it ? Seek for the loose needles. They would sharply crack after you struggle it if the tree is a fresh one.

120 cm Hudson led fibre optic Christmas Tree $29.99
123 cm Newport Christmas Tree $59.99
182 cm Winchester prelit Christmas tree $99.99

Plus you can decorate the top of your tree with nutcrackers, Santa, Merry Christmas balls, top stars etc. which can be found on pg 8. Standing Santa is only $19.99 at the moment. As we get close to Christmas Eve those might get expensive. Christmas Tree decorations 75 pk is only $9.99 on 2 November 2016. Collect whatever you can get from the ALDI to reach an awesome amount of saving. Get over Christmas shopping with the least expensive way at ALDI stores. They are acting early providing good prices and respectively less crowded stores. Remember in the last weeks stores get crowded and it doesn’t stop.

On 2 Nov 2016 there is the food sale you should see. On pg 10-11 of the ALDI Catalogue you have seafood meals, prawns, delicious packaged seafood and mainly preps for Christmas. Take a look at that food range as well.

ALDI Electronics

Wait for 2 Nov 2016 to get your gaming desktop PC ! They have a marvellous deal for you. You should grab this deal. Don’t forget to visit an ALDI store on this date to see a powerful GTX 1070 8GB machine at ALDI. It carries 6th Gen. i7 processor, 16 GB Ram (DDR4) and SSD 256 GB plus 2TB HDD. You can play BF1, COD IW, Total War Series almost flawlessly with such power. Medion Gaming PC also comes with Windows 10 and keyboard-mouse set. 2 Year Warranty and 60 Day satisfaction are what you can get with this device. That’s the second best Graphics Card this year. You can’t miss this deal.

Medion Gaming PC $1999
Mini power bank 2Y warranty $9.99
Super Heavy duty batteries 30 pk $4.99
One by Wacom graphic tablet $39.99
Wireless wi-fi repeater $39.99

ALDI Gaming PC

ALDI Kids Clothing like swim suits and adults wear like summer casual products or swim suits have been also contained by the catalogue. Hoodies, thights, shoes, sports wear for ladies are available on pg 20-21. Magnetic rowing machine can help you have a flexible body and at the same time a powerful muscle structure. On the other hand jogger shoes are the best way to prevent injuries. All these can be seen at ALDI stores with the prices shown on this catalogue.

Girls’s Rashie and bikini bottom $9.99
Boy’s boardshorts $7.99
Boy’s rashvest $8.99
Kid’s swim hat $4.99

Adult’s shortly wetsuit $36.99
Adult’s wetsuit jacket $27.99
Adult’s long sleeve rashvest $14.99

The whole set to care about your care everyday can be found at ALDI Stores. This week special buys turn is theirs. In-car floor mats, plastic or padded car creeper, coolers, silicone tape, extinguisher, car air freshener and many more products are available within this range. Also see outdoor fun with BBQ on pg 26&27. Never forget to grab a new ALDI Catalogue to be aware of the best deals of the week.

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