ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 45 Christmas 2016

A great selection by ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 45 Christmas 2016 covers all the needs for decoration, accessories, figurines and all the visuals you need to showcase for Christmas.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 45 Christmas 2016 Holiday travelers will be able to seek for the products they need like luggages, hand bags and other accessories. It’s also possible to find portable electronics and storage to be assisting you during your journey. Power banks are becoming the necessity of daily life as the mobile electronics have insufficient life of battery. A solution like this is now the essential for every user.

Art studio needs, as an exceptional sale by ALDI catalogues, can be browsed on pg 12-13. In that part of the catalogue you may easily find colouring books, art diary, paint brushes, colour in jigsaw etc. Many more needs like ALDI Catalogue’s art products on pg 12-13 can be explored. Beauty products, skin care, bathroom essentials are available on pg 14-15. Another good offer by ALDI special buys is that of bedroom products. Queen size quilt, 300 thread count cotton fitted sheet set, roll holder and many more like these for your bedroom and bathroom are featured deals at stores.

ALDI Special Buys Week 45 Christmas

Extraordinary products are tried to be advertised in this catalogue. In my opinion while the others bring standard Christmas decoration, ALDI has a unique decor in this catalogue which has taken a viewfinder role for decor products.

Lemax Christmas figurines $6.99 pg 2-3
Lemax Facade Christmas scene $49.99
Lemax Christmas musical scenes $99.99

Lemax Christmas musical village scenes $99.99 pg 4-5
LED Scandinavian nordic wooden village $29.99
Musical Snow globe $24.99

Lemax Christmas Train set $59.99
Animated Christmas Scenes $59.99
LED Christmas Snowing Lantern $49.99
Lemax Christmas Musical Scenes $99.99
Mr. Christmas Mini Animated Decorations $19.99

ALDI Special Buys 45 Travel Supplies

Complete your set with the ALDI’s unique product range being advertised here consistng of Berling luggage set, hand bags, essential travelling support you can easily use. Handy products at affordable rates. It offers premium quality with smart look.

Berling luggage set $99.99
Berlin carry on case $49.99
2 pc polycarbonate set $149

Leather cross body bag $39.99
Wheeled backpack $49.99
Travel Bag $29.99

More can be browsed on pg 10-11. Also don’t forget the mobile electronics and their portable additional parts. Like powerbanks you may need noise cancelling headphones to stay peaceful during your journey.

Wicker conversation set $149
Velour Jacquard fringed beach towel $17.99
Premium Melamine tableware $7.99
Round placemat $6.99
Multi stripe sisal jute mat $9.99
Beach Mat $29.99

ALDI Mobile got 4G quality deals for you. Great, competitive and promising material inside this catalogue can never be called unimportant.

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  1. Dear Aldi .. I live in Victoria. Are you stocking Lemax Christmas villages this year? 2018? That would be amazing if you can let me know. Many thanks .. Rose

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