ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 46 2016 Christmas

The main focus of almost all catalogues except supermarkets are Christmas gifts and decoration deals. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 46 2016 Christmas sale is one of them.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 46 2016 Christmas Decoration and lighting products are the essential needs to decorate your home for Christmas. To celebrate in proper way you need a really good idea to renew your house. Lighting is in the centre of this business. You need to extra care about the lighting especially when you have a garden. Stocking deals, musical characters, markers, gift wraps and more on pg 2-5 may give you plenty of ideas. I am sure you will end up with a good result. Sweets like Christmas pudding, brandy snaps, European biscuit, Christmas tree cookies and more were advertised on pg 6&7. Truffles, chocolate thins, Christmas baubles, coated nuts are the best things that happened to ALDI Catalogues right now. On 16 November you may shop for these products.

LED Low voltage Christmas inflatable $79.99
Disney musical character $19.99 ea
Animated glitter decoration $9.99
LED Solar reindeer $29.99 ea

Jumbo Wrap 20m $3.99
Charity Christmas cards 10 pk $3.49

Christmas decorating and Gift Wraps

2m Luxury fabric ribbon 3 pk $4.99
Deluxe Christmas wrap 5m $2.99
Sticky tape dispenser and refills $1.99
Disney Cards, Bags, or gift tags $2.99 pk

ALDI special buys week 46 covers electronics and sound systems in which you can even find a turntable brief case. Retro style meets with modern technology. Retro bluetooth speaker, turntable with cassette deck and jukebox are the awesome products that could also be a decorative element standing cool in your home. On the other hand Bauhn black series has been priced at $999 !

Bauhn Black Series 65″ – 165 xm 4K UHD Smart TV $999
Retro Bluetooth speaker $49.99
Mini Retro jukebox $79.99
Turntable with cassette deck $59.99
Retro turntable brief case $69.99
Retro DAB+ radio/bluetooth speaker $79.99

Kids’ fun was also included by the ALDI Catalogue. On pg 12&13 you may easily browse wooden kitchen, playsets, story books and many more products. ALDI’s toy sale might be a good place to seek a cool Christmas gift for kids. And classic story books, music CDs are also browsable on pg 16&17.

Quality and promising material of summer products like floating island, kid’s sunscreen, softboard, kineboard and similar deals of ALDI are among the special buys that are shoppable on 19 November 2016. Gardenline gardening power tools and handy tools might be really useful in the new season. If you like to grow plants check out pg 22-23 in case you may like some plants by ALDI Catalogue.

1400W electric lawn mower $99.99
2400W electric blower vacuum $69.99
1200W electric lawn edger $99.99

5-in-1 electric garden tool $199
Ratchet or rolling prunning shears $8.99
Telescopic anvil lopper $24.99
Weed kill concentrate 2L $9.99
Garden hose 20m $14.99
Garden trigger nozzle $5.99

See the details about products on pg 20-21.

ALDI offers prices for inspect sprays that will be really needed in summer. Prices were compared to regular supermarket prices. Check out pg 24-25 for these. ALDI Expressi rich hot chocolate and chai latte are priced at $5.99 pk.

Kneeboard $99.99
37″ mini softboard $19.99
5’10” surfboard $99.99
Towable float $99.99
Banana boat kid’s sunscreen aerosol SPF50+ $9.99
Inflatable floating island $29.99

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