ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 6 2017

ALDI Catalogue offers hot buns and garden power tools in the same week. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 6 2017That’s great because it means richness in product range wait for you in the upcoming days. Easter’s beauties are all in front of you with the latest catalogue of this store. Speckled eggs, Easter cookies and more can be viewed on pg 2-3.

Another sale of ALDI is that of sports wear and fitness equipment. Dumbbells, gym bag, plates, accessories and outfits are all featured. Professional people supported this product list to be prepared. New products are on sale on pg 4-5. Not only hard working out products are available. Find fine selection of muscle stretchers like bandages, tapes and point ball. These are perfect for muscle recovery. If you need to shape your body in healthy way, try this ALDI’s fitness sale.

Olympic Barbell 16 kg $89.99 pg 4
Bumber weight plates $49.99
Adults fitness gloves $7.99
3-in-1 workout bench $59.99
Dumbbell set $24.99
Battle rope 15m $69.99
Stopwatch $6.99

Pull-up squat rack $199 pg 5
Door mounted suspension weight trainer $14.99
Fitness band $5.99
Barbell set $59.99
Gym bag $19.99 ea

ALDI also makes shopping for wholefoods simpler with this catalogue. On pg 8-9, additive free food sale was included. From smoothies to shredded coconut, large product range is available. As Valentine’s Day is one of the top subjects this week, beauty products got popular. They are on sale on pg 10-11 of this catalogue.

Electronic gel nail poilsh starter kit $24.99 pg 10
Longevity gel effect nail colour and top coat pack 2×14 mL $9.99
Square cotton pads 120 pk $1.99
Gel nail polish 8mL $6.99 ea

Electronic 11 function pedicure system $16.99 pg 11
Assorted pedicure implements $7.99 ea
Beauty implements $3.99 ea
Facial treatment cloth face masks 25mL $2.99 ea

Business wear is another special buy of the week. For ladies, dresses, pants, jackets, heels and more products made ready.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 6 2017 workout

Ladies ponte jacket $19.99 ea pg 12
Ladies ponte top $14.99 ea
Ladies Leather handbag $49.99
Ladies ponte pant $17.99 ea
Ladies leather pumps $29.99 pr pg 13
Ladies shapewear $7.99
Ladies footsie 3 pk or stocking 1 pk $3.49 ea

Gardening and power tools on pg 14-15 can be a great chance for you. Garden mulcher, lawn mower, garden bags and many more products are on sale. If you want to renew your garden for the upcoming new season, check out ALDI’s exclusive sale.

Petrol lawn mower 140cc $299 pg 14
Garden mulcher 2400W $199
Telescopic bypass lopper $19.99
Garden bags $7.99 ea

Electric blower vac 2400W $39.99 pg 15
Leather rigger garden gloves $6.99 pr
4-in-1 multi garden tool $189

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