ALDI Catalogue Specials 2 | 14 Nov 2015

Garden maintenance is really difficult. But there is many good products you can accomplish easily at ALDI.  

ALDI Garden Cares ALDI Catalogue Specials 2 14 Nov 2015

In this catalogue there is useful products about garden. A planter for growing vegetables perfect on sale and two years warranty. Ergonomic design for all gardens. With 120L capacity this product is awesome. You can put like more than one planter side by side. I’m sure it will look decorative in backyard. Beautiful hydrangea is a deciduous and hardy shrub that produces flower heads. Its good quality and unique flower on sale this week. Now its easy to create Glorious Gardens with ALDI. Dr. Grow’s products highly concentrated liquid with natural nutrients. Its increase yields in fruits vegetables and herbs. Also weedkiller helps to growing your veg. without weeds and roots.

As I said before, garden maintenance is really hard sometimes you need a strong engine. In ALDI stocks, one of the best value mowers arrived. With 45L hard catcher this machine will be your favorite item in garden. Also easy fold handle allows for simple storage. With large wide wheel you will ride it easily on grass. This product 3 years warranty. Solar snake repeller is useful for your garden and it does not harm children or pets. 20m long Australian made hose is very useful for irrigation works. This hose UV protected for long life. Available in Blue or Green. And you can insert garden trigger to end of hose. 10 pattern spray nozzle or adjustable 3-way nozzle. High quality and easy handling plastic body. Easy controlling by thumb.

Other products will help you shaping your garden. Trimmer, Chainsaw, Blower has strong engine. All of them designed for easy handle. Also there is engine oil in stocks.


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