ALDI Catalogue Specials 4 – 7 Oct 2023

If you like spicy foods, you are in for a treat at ALDI stores this week. You will find specials of basmati rice, Indian spices, sunflower oil, Patak’s Indian meal kits, curry, and many more products. My favorite Indian food of all is naan bread. I love it with soup and meals. Naan bread will be available at ALDI stores. Naan Bread will cost $3.49. And if you like cooking a lot, you will probably like the deals on food and drink storage products. insulated drink bottle, snackbox, utensils, and more items are among the ALDI Catalogue Specials 4 – 7 Oct 2023.

ALDI Catalogue Specials 4 - 7 Oct 2023

  • Sunflower Oil, Chef’s Choice Bulk Indian Spices, Spencers Create a Curry, Katoomba Indian Chutneys, Patak’s Simmer Sauces, and more
  • Naan Bread, Katoomba Basmati Rice, Bhuja Value Pack, Chef’s Choice Dahl, Ferrero Rocher, and more
  • insulated drink bottle, snackbox, children’s utensils or training chopsticks sets
  • Baby Care products: Mamia Nappy Pants, Sudocrem, Organic Cotton Baby Blanket, Children’s Travel Toilet Seat, Mamia Water Wipes Aloe Vera products
  • Caviar and Lacura beauty products
  • LED Light Therapy Face Mask $249
  • Outdoor paints: Paint Sprayer, Outdoor Paint, 3 in 1 Primer, Ceiling White Paint, and more
  • Ferrex products on decking and furniture oil, dolly trolley, high pressure washer, household ladder, drywall sander, wet and dry vacuum cleaner

This catalogue also offers grocery and snack deals. Browse all pages of ALDI Catalogue Specials 4 – 7 Oct 2023 to spot any of your favourites.

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