ALDI Catalogue Summer Specials 21 – 27 Jan 2016

GREAT SUMMER WITH ALDI ALDI Catalogue Summer Specials 21 - 27 Jan 2016

Protect your kids from sun’s bad effects! It would be much better to make them safer with amazing outfit options which are available in ALDI for you and your kids! Let your daughter to feel herself like princess! There are amazing dresses which are also protective from Sun and bad weather conditions, which are waiting for you in ALDI stores! Those dressers can make your kids much better with their perfect colors, so they can find their favourite color in ALDI stores! Amazing dress offers for your daughter is available in Target stores for making them happier and much better. It would be great for them to enjoy their days under the sun with the perfect protection!

You can let your kids to have special picnic for their friends with perfect Dining Sets which are themed on Peppa Pig, Very Hungry Catterpillar, or Octonauts. All of them are kids’ best choice cartoon characters so this can make them really cool through their friends! Dining Set includes, Bowl, Plate, and Cup. So this sets can make your kid eat outside and they can socialize while eating outside! It would be great offer for you if your kid is reluctant to eat in general!

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