ALDI Catalogue TV Sale April 18 2020 | Special Buys Week 16

ALDI Catalogue TV Sale April 18 2020 | Special Buys Week 16If you are staying at home for a long time like billions of people all around the world, you might need a solid entertainment in it. Considering the TV prices, ALDI is a great place to buy a TV. 65″ Ultra HD TV will cost $529. With that device, you have tuner, recording feature, HDMI connectivity, media playback, and you have also accessories. For example, you can buy low profile bracket to mount the TV on your wall. Pay only $29.99 for that. See these accessories and the TV itself on pg 10. If you have a small room and not much space to place a TV, you might consider 32″ HD Smart TV. Both of these TVs can run apps like Netflix or Youtube. ALDI Catalogue TV Sale April 18 also has subwoofer and other sound products.

In this ALDI Catalogue, find thermo cooker, anti-fatigue mat, kitchen products, and a grocery sale, too. Subscribe to the newsletter to see more material and content of deals like ALDI Catalogue TV Sale April 18.

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