ALDI Catalogue Xfinity Tools 19 Oct 2019

If you want to use a jigsaw and reciprocating saw in one skin, what you need is ALDI Xfinity multipurpose saw skin. It’s a 20V 2-in-1 device that will make things easier for you. It also has dust blowers so that you can see what you are cutting. The product comes with a carrying bag. Three different material blades are in the deal. The point is that you can switch easily between two saws. ALDI Catalogue shows more professional tools on pg 6.
Also, you should see lawnmowers. Previously, we had taken a similar ALDI lawnmower back in August. Gardenline lawnmower is also one of the products you can find in ALDI’s gardening aisle. 2x 20V cordless lawn mower skin costs $179 this week. It has 45L grass catcher and it’s easy to store. It can be folded. Trimmer skin, charger kits, and more are viewable on pg 7.

ALDI Catalogue Xfinity Tools that will be on sale on 19 October:

And more products are available in the currently browsable catalogue.

ALDI Workzone Products

There is more in this catalogue. Special buys Week 42 Catalogue contains new deals on kitchen mixer taps and wet-dry vacuum. It can also function as a blower. Take a look at these items for the possibility of their usefulness for your tasks.