ALDI Caviar Illumination Products | Nivea | Home Sale 12 May 2020

ALDI Caviar Illumination Products | Nivea | Home SaleShop Lacura skincare products called Caviar Illumination for Mother’s Day. Face masks, eye mousse, and makeup products are available in the new ALDI Catalogue. You can find brightening masks, night cream, and more products in this range. ALDI Caviar Illumination intensive anti-wrinkle revolution serum 15mL will cost $14.99. You have also Nivea products next to these. Keep your skin moisturized or buy gifts from Nivea selection, Olay Moisturizing lotion, and more products on pg 9. Check out these deals by ALDI Catalogue:

ALDI Catalogue has also heaters and home products. Winter is coming and it might be a bit chilly in some of your rooms. If you stay in one room longer than any other at your house, you might want to buy some of these heaters. Heated throw blanket will cost $34.99.

Cast Aluminum cookware is a classy looking and very solid product range at ALDI. I think the best gifts from the whole catalogue are these. You can make any kind of meal or dessert with cast aluminum products. Three sizes of pots are available. The biggest one is only $24.99. Really rare price, high-quality material, oven-safe which means you can put it in the oven and expose it to very high temperature.

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