ALDI Christmas Food 9 Oct 2019 | Special Buys Catalogue

Traditional foods of Christmas in Australia and Europe are themes of the first part of the latest ALDI Catalogue. You can buy cakes and house-shaped Christmas sweets or foods in stores on 9 October. Mostly, German chocolates and European candies are the products to find. Trolli Advent Calendar 75g is gonna cost $3.99. Advent Calendar is probably the most symbolic item from the entire Christmas range of ALDI.
But I think there are more important deals than Christmas sweets. ALDI Catalogue kitchen tools and appliances are somewhat different than previous ones. Next week you can buy a very cool set of knives. Ceramic knives will be available at ALDI stores next week. Zirconia ceramic is the main material these knives are made of. Zirconium Dioxide is also used in the manufacturing industry. More durable, sharper, and cheaper by ALDI. Moreover, the ceramic structure doesn’t absorb the odour from the foods.

Kitchen is not the only part of your house that you can shop at ALDI for. Goliath products, Trimat chemicals, and more consumable household cleaning supplies will also be on sale at ALDI stores next week. Shop ALDI Catalogue for products like Dishwashing liquid, cleaning sponges, laundry liquid, etc.

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