ALDI LED Lights 5 Oct Deals | Special Buys Catalogue

Considering lights were absent before the 17th century, one can wonder why this is a tradition for people who celebrate Christmas. Although our subject here on the ALDI Catalogue is not directly related to the Christmas lights, it can indirectly impact your decisions while you redecorate your outer places for the upcoming weeks. It’s interesting to know that before the lights there were candles. Not hard to think, I guess. Imagine you place all those candles on your Christmas tree. I think there is no need to mention it would look ridiculous. People were placing candles in front of their windows and that would indicate the house is a Christian house.
In fact, the first Christmas lights were promoted by Thomas Edison, the man who invented (or sold) the bulbs. After that, Christmas light strings were to be used. In the early days of the 20th century, people were just lighting candles since the Christmas lights were expensive. Today, there are a lot of options to save on these products.

The latest ALDI Catalogue shows electrical products like LED Bulbs. You can find them on pg 14-15:

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