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ALDI Makeup Products Everyday PricesALDI Catalogue sells some makeup and personal care items. Unlike most supermarkets, ALDI doesn’t show up with deals on makeup or cosmetic products every week. These catalogues are regularly made but you can occasionally find these beauty or personal care items in the catalogues. The online catalogue offers shampoo, conditioner, body shower, 3-in-1 shower, and more products on pg 24. Buy Protane coconut milk shampoo or conditioner for under $5 at ALDI. Some of the stores in Australia are damn cheap than the entire world. Find some men’s daily care products, too. Prince shave gel 195g will cost $2.99. View ALDI Makeup products everyday prices on pg 25. They have Lacura cosmetics like mascara, moisturisers, eyebrow pencil, etc. Also, on the final page of the catalogue, you can check out the price of butterflied chicken. Don’t forget to see these savings this week on ALDI special buys catalogue.

Lacura products and more :

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