ALDI Philips 50 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

ALDI Philips 50" 4K Ultra HD Smart TVBuy a huge screen TV for your living room to pass time at home. Enjoy your time and live daily life with your family watching movies. You’ll have Netflix, Youtube, Saphi, Miracast on this TV with no need of additional equipment. But you can also use a game console to connect. Game consoles like PlayStation are great to play on this TV. The TV comes with a 1-year warranty. ALDI Philips 50″ 4K Ultra HD smart TV is viewable on pg 14-15. Its price is only $399. That’s way below the average cost of a TV in Australia. To be honest, I don’t think this TV would be the best you could buy but the price is very good. As far as I know Philips TV should use its own operating system. If that’s the case, I used a similar TV of Philips, and it’s not a good OS. It’s very slow and the layout is complicated. Instead, I started to use a game console on that TV. I never watch TV anyways. I just game or watch DVD movies on a TV monitor.

If you are going to use your laptop or PC on a 4K TV, I don’t recommend it. There is a very noticeable input lag and it makes gaming through PC impossible. You can’t play with a lag like that. Unless you have a solution to that input lag problem, don’t use your computer on a 4K TV unless you just want to watch movies or videos.

4 thoughts on “ALDI Philips 50 4K Ultra HD Smart TV”

  1. Is All SydneyAldi Stores
    get Philips 43” inch 4k UHD Smart TV With AMBILIGHT HDR 10 + DOLBY VISION DOLBY ATMOS ALEXA Built In SIlver

  2. Sharon-ann Coulton

    Purchased 2 of these from Aldi, both 11 months later not turning on and loosing pic.
    Contacted Phillips had to take both to a Technition both are not repairable have been offered refund but not replacement

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