ALDI Pool Products 26 October 2019 | Catalogue Specials

Reprepare your pool for the new season using the products you can buy cheaper at ALDI stores on 26 October. You can use some pool cleaner, brushes, and stabilizers from this range. pH buffer alkalinity increaser 2kg pack will cost $7.99. As you can imagine ALDI’s product range is relatively cheaper than most places. You can find similar products online anywhere else but I am not sure about the prices. Next week’s ALDI Catalogue is also a good source to find fair prices of camping equipment including tents. The quality of the ALDI camping equipment range can be used for professional purposes. Simple accessories to enjoy Australian nature such as potjie pot, rechargeable bug zapper, and a gazebo are in this category. One of the most popular activities during camping is probably sleeping on a hammock. You can use the del by this ALDI Catalogue. Pay $59.99 for portable hammock on pg 17.
ALDI’s product range for outdoor activities are not only for survival. Enjoy some grill parties with friends. Coolers, BBQ, lights, and a cover for your boat are going to be in stores on 26 October. ALDI didn’t forget the food for camping. The essentials of a in-nature BBQ party are available on pg 20-21.

BBQ meat and salads:

BBQ equipment and cooler:

Camping products:

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