ALDI Smart TV Father’s Day Gift Catalogue Deal 21 Aug 2019

Special Buys Week 34 are Father’s Day gifts consisting of electronic entertainment and phones. Gift packs of BBQ sets are also interesting and most men love this stuff. ALDI Catalogue shows a smart TV deal on pg 2. The standard TV is expected of some things like being smart enough to run apps like Netflix or Youtube. Being full HD is the #1 specs of a TV like the one on pg 2. Buy a 40″ ALDI Smart TV for Father’s Day. ALDI will have that product on 21 Aug.

– Full HD Res.
– Pre-installed Netflix and Youtube.
– 1 Year Warranty

Are the important specs of this product. ALDI Smart TV deal is also combined with more electronic gift ideas such as Wireless Powerbank, wireless charging, and a headphone on pg 2. Browse ALDIMobile deal as well. Motorola smartphone is gonna cost $279 at ALDI. That’s a decent phone and it’s one of the good ideas of Dad’s day gifts from this store. One of the most interesting gifts there is Vinyl Records. I particularly liked Rock ‘n’ Roll Classics record. You will find songs of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and more legends in that vinyl record. Pay only $14.99 for such a gift. But obviously, you will need a turntable. Well combine the turntable with a briefcase and that record to make a perfect gift idea.

Moreover, besides the deals like ALDI Smart TV, Motorola smartphone, and more stuff from this catalogue, you can also see BBQ gift packs. Check out pg 4-5 to see BBQ snacking gift packs like jerky or biltong, Maltesers, and sauces or seasonings. Lots of favourite snacks are available as gift ideas on pg 4-5. More gifts like grooming products are also available this week.

Have a look at these products on the catalogue:

Also, check out ALDI Special Buys Week 33 catalogue.

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