Aldi Special Buys 28th February Week 9 2015

ALDI special buys 28th february week 9 are garden products, ligthing products and security systems that are descent items to keep a good installment in your outdoor area safely. Aldi Special Buys 28th February Week 9 2015It is worth to tell you about ALDI special buys 28th February by their low prices. ALDI offers garden products to set a good and beautiful system in it. For example garden shed priced at $169 is a nice product to store hand tools, other storage items and some unused or whatever the item you desire. Another is multi garden tool to trim, cut. Its price is $199 which you can view on pg; 9.
* Garden mesh assortment, $8.99
* Wormfeast, $19.99
* Garden spray nozzle, $9.99
* Heavy duty door mat, $14.99

Beside tools and accessories of necessary works of garden you also need to keep some beautiful things like lighting products in it. Lighting items for example solar path lamps, can be your alternative way to add some color in your garden. Various products for this purpose are featured on new catalogue.


Not a real safety in your house but they will alert you when a weird thing is happening around you. Cameras, recorders, hard drive to keep the videos and similar items of security sale of Aldi are featured. See many more deals by ALDI with this catalogue. Full preview is available. Don’t forget to visit store tomorrow. On 28th February these products are sale for the given prices.
* Cocoon Digital security system with 500 GB hard drive, $199 pg, 12
* Delta assorted household security sets, $19.99
* Cocoon intercom system, $79.99
* Cocoon 6 zone wireless alarm kit, $59.99 pg; 13
* Medion digital door camera, $59.99
* Digital Steel security safe, $99.99
* Portable security case, $22.99 pg; 14
* Lightway 20W outdoor LED sensor light, $49.99 pg; 15

See more of aldi special buys 28th February week 9 starting to view the catalogue from pg; 8.

2 thoughts on “Aldi Special Buys 28th February Week 9 2015”

  1. I think I need to change the code on security door alarm, but I’ve forgotten how? any tips on where to find the instructions.

  2. If you have a cocoon Home Alarm the default code is 1234
    to change the Pin:
    1 = Enter default code 1234
    2 = Press the Home mode button
    3 = Enter your new Pin number (4 to 6 digits)
    4 = press the Home mode button
    5 = The new Pin is now active

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