ALDI Special Buys Beauty Products 8 July 2015

ALDI Special Buys beauty products 8 July 2015 prices are viewable on the preview page.ALDI Special Buys Beauty Products 8 July 2015 ALDI Catalogue beauty products are famous. You can check out the latest ALDI price for Lacura beauty products, skin care, foundation creams, moisturizing creams, Protane shampoo and conditioner and even more products. These special products are here to protect your skin from winter. In winter weather can be harsh due to the weather getting colder. Being in and out makes a thermal danger on your skin. But it is easy to protect yourself. Since your skin will be in lack of water you are going to have to use moisturizing creams. They are available in the ALDI Special Buys Week 28 catalogue. ALDI Catalogue offers the best prices of this month.

Lacura anti-ageing day or night 50 mL $7.99

This is another nice product repairing the skin tending to be destroyed partially. Anti-ageing creams helps cells of your skin build up new tissue with its nutritious ingredient.

Lacura anti-ageing eye cream or serum 30 mL $7.99
Electrical micro battery pedi callus remover $24.99
Protane shampoo or conditioner $4.99
Bamboo brush set $12.99

ALDI Make Up Products Sale in 8 July 2015

See mascara, lipstick, foundation creams on pg; 8.

Lacura mascara $6.99
Lacura pressed powder 9g $7.99
Lacura beauty minerals lipstick 4.2g, $4.99
Lacura liquid foundation 28 mL $12.99


Knit wear, lingerie, accessories and even vest are available at special buys range of ALDI Catalogue. Check out pg; 6&7 for all products of the women clothing for winter. Great prices, top quality material.

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