ALDI Special Buys Catalogue 3 – 8 Feb 2016

HAPPY EASTER WITH ALDI ALDI Special Buys Catalogue 3 - 8 Feb 2016

Hop into Easter with perfect bakery from ALDI stores for you! Enjoy your coffee and tea times with amazing opportunities for you from ALDI! Great bakery products are waiting for you! It would be amazing to have Bakers Life Fruit Hot Cross Buns which is 6pk in 450 grams are on sale for you! You can make your tea times much more special and happy with those packs which are simply amazing! Super tasty snacks for coffee times are waiting for you! This is great idea for your guests, for your kids, for yourselves! It would be great offer for you! ALDI gives you a great opportunity to enjoy your bakeries with coffee!

If you do not like fruit, there are other offers for you to have fruitless bakery for yourselves.Make your tea times much more special and tastier with ALDI’s amazing sales. Great offers are available for you! Enjoy your fruitless buns which would make you happier! These buns are great with coffee or tea. You can serve to your guests if you need to find some simple solutions for limited time! They will not even understand that you bought them! These buns are super tasty and these are all home made for you!

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