ALDI Special Buys Full HD LED TV 15 Jul – 21 Jul 2015

ALDI Special Buys Full HD LED TV PRICE is $529. ALDI Special Buys Full HD LED TV 15 Jul - 21 Jul 2015For 1920×1080 resolution movie experience the only price you have to pay is this. Moreover 60 day satisfaction warranty is offered. You can get technical information from Bauhn on their official site. Contrast ratio is 3000:1 which provides a bright color reflection on your screen. Huge screen is 50″ which will occupy a big place in your wall. You don’t need a wall with this because it has a holder on its botttom side. Very good alternative to electronic stores which proabably offer a bigger price for this kind of product but this is what we call ALDI Special Buys Catalogue.


And this is not the finish of what we can talk about the ALDI Special Bıusyu Buys entertainment products. See new price of ALDI Special Buys Catalogue of Bauhn products on pg 14&15. Remember these products are sale on 18 July !

Bauhn 1 TB HD Tuner $229
Low profile TV wall mount $29.99
Digital indoor antenna $24.99
Cordless headphones $39.99
Bluetooth soundbar $99.99
HDMI Cables for varying prices.
Outdoor antenna kit $59.99

ALDI Grocery Products, back to school food products, family breakfast range featuring orange juice, free range eggs, sandwich bread, and many more products, 7 Day deals packaged products are also what you can reach on this catalogue.

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  1. I find their is not enough imfo on the special 65” tv. Does it have netflex, smart tv, etc. Take memery cards. Is it 100hz/200hz, Has it got old AV. Inputs.This allows to compare?

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