ALDI Special Buys Product Delays

According to the website of ALDI Australia, there is a problem about shipping of the special buys products. Since the products are not in stocks yet, apparently they decided not to advertise the deals. They announced the problems on their website and we can actually see what’s going to be on sale. There is the product range that might have the same trouble.

ALDI Special Buys May 1 - 8
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There is a stock checker feature of ALDI’s website. You just enter the name of the product and postcode to check stock. Visit for that information on stocks. See the ALDI Catalogue deals for detailed information about the products.

7 thoughts on “ALDI Special Buys Product Delays”

  1. Re delayed stock I am looking for the Collagen Code products advertised as available Wednesday 11th August and have been advised it was delayed. Do I have to wait until they are advertised again or will they simply come in when they arrive or on a Wednesday or Saturday, therefore having to check daily??

  2. Hi im after the ear and nose clipper, that was selling for $9.95,I went to the Penrith store,not the Plaza one and they told me,that they didnt get a delivery of that product in there store as its been delayed,could you kindly let me know when they will be delivered to that store, thanks

  3. Hi!Just wondering when is dual wireless charging clock is available??I shop in Brisbane area.Thank you!!

  4. Johan Taljaard

    Drinking Water Hose 10m 700101 specials catalogue 21 may 2022, please advise when this product will be available, thank you

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