ALDI Special Sale Catalogue 28 – 3 Feb 2016

SPECIAL COMPUTER SALE BY ALDI ALDI Special Sale Catalogue 28 - 3 Feb 2016

It is time to enjoy with your personal computer with ALDI ‘ s amazing offers for you! You can enjoy with your gaming, working in office, surfing on internet, whatever you want ! There are amazing offers for you to make yourselves happier and satisfied! You can enjoy your time with Medion Multimedia PC System, which had Intel Core i5 processor, Windows 10 , 2 Terabytes HDD, 128 GB SSD and 8 GB DDR RAM. Also it gives you a free keyboard and mouse for every single buying. It gives you an amazing performance, and silent work which can be considered as the best combination for personal computers! ALDI offers you the best solution for desktop PC’s! Do not miss this perfect opportunity!

 If your Hard Disk Driver is not enough for you, there is amazing offer for you to have perfect solutions in ALDI stores which can make your Hard Disk Storage much more increased! There are amazing offers for you in ALDI stores this week! You can enjoy free 1 TB storage with Medion 1 TB External Hard Disk Driver which is available in ALDI for you! You can save your works, games, pictures or videos in this External HDD! Medion gives you an amazing opportunity to have perfect companents for yourselves! Enjoy with extra 1 TB storage.

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