ALDI Stirling Sewing Machine Deal 2 May 2020

ALDI Stirling Sewing Machine Deal 2 May 2020Last year, ALDI sewing machine deal was quite popular. Folks ask questions about a possible new ALDI sewing machine. This one is the latest one that appears on pg 12-13. Consider it as a Mother’s Day gift or buy one for yourself on 2 May. For only $99.99, purchase a high-quality sewing machine. The ALDI Stirling Sewing Machine Deal also offers 1 Year Warranty. In fact, two pages of this catalogue are completely about sewing. Accessories, sewing table, any kind of assistance to the machinery, tote bag, thread, and other items of the same category are ALDI Special Buys Week 18 items. Visit pg 12-13 for all of them.

Last year’s ALDI sewing machine deal belongs to 21 Sep 2019. They had a special product at that time. The product was $199. Stirling by Janome Overlocker, mini sewing machine, and more related products were on sale. That product has a different function. This one we are talking about offers simpler features. Check them out on the ALDI Catalogue:

ALDI Stirling Sewing Machine Deal 2 May 2020

Make your own dresses, sweaters, gloves, or even masks. A lot of people make their own masks nowadays. DIY mask instructions are all over the place. Go to Youtube find some of them and try them on this machine. In fact, you can make a gift box with these products for Mother’s Day. Also, I expect another kind of ALDI Mother’s Day sale probably on this Wednesday. Follow our social accounts for more deals like ALDI Stirling Sewing Machine Deal. You can subscribe to the newsletter to receive emails. Check out the price information:

Last year’s overlocker; 

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