ALDI Catalogue Summer Specials 30 Jan

ALDI Catalogue Summer Specials 30 Jan

Amazing products for cars are at ALDI. If you want to clean your car, Car Care products are the best choice for you. Choose from Chamois, Microfibre Wash Pad, Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Mag Cleaning Brush or Window Cleaner and keep your car clean all the time. Each one costs only $3.99. SOS Silicone Tape is amazing for emergency repair. This product is waterproof and airtight so you can use it under any circumstation. Also Car Organiser, Car Stereo With Bluetooth and Portable Breathalyser are in this catalogue.Car organiser has huge capacity and folds away for easy storage. Also remote control is included with car stereo. Moreover, Front Seat Covers With Floor Mats, Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Car Cover, Car Cooler and Car Windscreen Sunshade are on sale at ALDI. Everybody should have a fire extinguisher in the home, workshop, car, caravan or boat. These product is suitable for use on paper, wood, textile, electrical and flammable liquid fires. In summer, you need to keep the car cool. So these amazing car covers and car windscreen sunshades are the perfect products for you. These products reflect heat and keep car cooler. Also if you need to keep your drinks cooler, check out our car coolers. Available in red or grey. Let’s buy easily and clean your car or anywhere you want. You just need a time for doing that. Car cover and cooler is perfect products for who like him/her car a lot and care.

Everything you need for the car is here. ALDI, for the bests.

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