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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

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Aldi Catalogue 3 November 2018 | Swimwear, Car Products

Seasonal changes may dictate some changes and buying certain equipment for your automobile. Aldi Catalogue has nice deals on auto care products such as car cover, car cooler/warmer, wheel clamp etc. See these products that will be needed later or now on pg 18-19 of the catalogue. All products are essential needs of car owners here. Swimsuits and beach products are available at Aldi on Saturday. Visit the store on 3 November for fantastic deals. Always with the extraordinary prices, Aldi has some advanced level of understanding of retailing something like this category. Go to pg 16-17 for an inflatable kayak, adult’s wetsuits, towable float and more. Browse swimear for adults and kids on pg 12-15. Sets, hats, accessories and all other things were included in the catalogue.

See the similar products for adults on pg 14-15. Here are some fun products for when you go to the beach:

Autocare products from Aldi Special Buys Week 44:

Aldi Catalogue 31 October 2018 | Turkeys, HD TV, Games, Cosmetics

Seafood is an important category in the food part of this Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 44. Find nice treats, side dishes, cooked lobster, lobster tails, and shrimp on pg 2 of the catalogue. Scallops, salmon and more seafoods can be seen on pg 2-3. More deals from the food range, are about the turkeys. Turkey Crown, stuffed turkey breast roast, turkey thigh roast, whole duck and more delicious ideas for lunch are available on pg 4-5. If you want to celebrate with the family in Halloween or Thanksgiving, Aldi is a market where you can find awesome prices on proper foods.

The electronic range is an extraordinary sale by Aldi Catalogue. They are on pg 6&7. 3D printer, graphics tablet from a popular brand, paper shredder, super heavy duty batteries and more are featured in this catalogue. You can also buy filament for the 3D printer. Get a brand new HD TV by Bauhn. 39″ TV is only $269 at Aldi on 31 October.

Retro games are a part of the new catalogue. You can see the games like Scrabble in its old style (retro edition), UNO Retro, Arcade One game system and more fun stuff is available. While people are hyped for the new AAA games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Battlefield 5, some of us like to hang out with the retro, good old games.

Moreover, the catalogue contains cosmetics and beauty products such as Lacura photo-fit hair spray, mascara, night cream, and more skin care products for everyone.

Aldi Catalogue 27 October 2018 | Grilling, Outdoor, Fishing

Rotisserie kit, BBQ covers, chemicals and essentials of grilling that are on sale at Aldi on Saturday. You have a fantastic high-quality product range to see on pg 12-13 of the latest Aldi Catalogue which is the special buys week 43. If you like to hang out outside of the city, and you need the proper equipment for picnic or camping, Aldi Catalogue has a wonderful sale for you. Cast products, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses and more are gonna be on sale. The premium fishing camp chair comes with a 1-year warranty. Fishing products are also on sale at Aldi stores on Saturday. Visit the store on 27 October to see Shimano fishing rod and reel priced at only $39.99. You can see all prices and deals on pg 14-17. If your passion is for fishing and lowers the expenses a bit more, Aldi is your store this week. Because it also has deals on boat products. Visit pg 18-19 if you have a boat and need boat equipment. Essentials like Adults inflatable PFD, bouyancy vest and more are also available. Follow our Facebook page where we share the updates and the future Aldi Catalogues.

Grills, grilling products and the deals by Aldi Catalogue:

Camping, Picnic, and outdoor products:

Find fishing and boat products on pg 16-17. They have an amazing product range with the best deals.

Aldi Catalogue 24 October 2018 | Pool Products, Christmas

One of the top categories from the latest ALDI Catalogue is pool entertainment and essentials for the poolside. You have deals on amazing products like inflatable spa, water hammock etc. Create a wonderful place with these products. You will never wanna go out with these in your home. Besides, not only fun products are available but you can find cleaning tools such as automatic pool cleaner. Easy cleaning, comfortable use and fair prices by Aldi Catalogue. Also, chemicals to keep your pool clean. Spring and Summer will be awesome to spend time with your friends and family.
Other than the pool products, you have the Christmas sale. Christmas treats like pudding, chocolate drizzle stars, gourmet nougat, luxury blackforest stollen and more are featured on pg 2-3. See all these sweets on pg 2-5.

Christmas sweets, treats, and other foods:

Pool entertainment products:

Pool cleaning and maintenance products:

Aldi Catalogue has more than this. On Saturday, the deals on air conditioners, fans, grilling products, backyard products, and outdoor category will be valid.

Aldi Catalogue Spring Gardening 20 October 2018

A new season brings its demands with its shiny days. Get your backyard ready for the beautiful days. Spend time with your family in a more comfortable place. You can improve most things in a garden with the tools you can find in the Aldi Catalogue. Storage bench, decorative pot, resin cape cod chair, and many more products are on sale. Get tomato fertiliser and tomato spray to grow your own food.
You can find Xfinity Power products. Lawn mower, Angle Grinder, cordless drill and more are featured. Trim your hedges with a powerful cordless 2-in-1 pole pruner. 14mm cutting capacity, 410mm cutting length. The new DIY tools and vacuum are also among the products that are on sale on Saturday. Visit Aldi stores on 20 October to see amazing products at low prices. The catalogue is also good for coffee, milk, organic products, and a recipe is available to read on pg 17.

Browse some good picks from the gardening sale:

Garden tools and power products:

Workzone DIY products:

Develop your own way to get the maximum profit out of these discounts. You can save a lot more with the future deals from the Aldi Catalogues. Follow our Facebook page where you can track all the Aldi Catalogues getting published weekly.