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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

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ALDI Catalogue 21 March 2018 | Special Buys Week 12

Again, amazing products are exclusively brought to you by ALDI. Garden care products including handy hand tools like shovels, pointed spade, leaf rake, double hoe and broom. Garden gloves will be on sale. Stable, comfortable-to-wear and well price product can be found on pg 3.

A solid workwear range will be in your sight when you open pg 4-5 of the ALDI Catalogue. The special buys week 12 offers long sleeve or short sleeve hi-vis polos, mens cargo work shorts, mens flannel work shirt and more similar products.

Find DIY project tools including Workzone high-pressure cleaner and wall cleaner. Those will be the deals that are valid on 24 March. Home Cinema setting will be an option of online or in-store shopping with ALDI.

See the pricing of ALDI on these useful products:

ALDI Catalogue Mountain Bike | Special Buys Week 11

Bikes might boost the fun of nice weather especially in the evenings during sunset. You might try that mountain bike priced at only $79.99 riding with the cool light at that time of the day. Biking is one of the healthiest sports you can do as an exercise daily. Bike accessories, locks, chain lubricant and more will be on pg 4.

Cleaning supplies are another category of sales in the catalogue. Glad products, mops, easy-to-handle mops for smooth floor cleaning. Wipe your floor easily with this quality product. Glad drawstring kitchen tidy bags will cost only $4.99! Fabric shaver lint remover is another good deal with a price of $9.99!

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ALDI Catalogue Deals 7 March 2018 | Special Buys Week 10

Pantene, Keratin, Beauty bar, Lacura, Maybelline, leather cosmetics are some of the featured makeup and skin care products in the latest ALDI Catalogue. This is the sale of ALDI Special Buys Week 10, 2018.

Lacura has been known as the cosmetic brand appearing almost all ALDI Catalogues which promote beauty products. This week there is a special deal on these products, as well. You can find baby products and nursery items in the catalogue. For example, infant jackets, tees and baby sneakers.

Take a look at the solid, high-quality, easy-to-carry luggage products in the ALDI Catalogue. Travel supplies are possibly needed items in case you want to take a journey. Any of these is worthy of a look. You might save a lot paying less than regular price of these quality products.

You will get 2 Year Warranty on these travel supplies. Canned seafood will also be one of the best sales this week.

ALDI Catalogue 28 February 2018 | Special Buys Week 9

ALDI Catalogue offers new products for Easter. A product range covers chocolate eggs, milk chocolate big Easter bag, Mini Easter bunnies, Easter Farm animals and many more confectionery stuff. You might find gift bags of chocolates and candies for Easter. Kids will love this idea. Easter parade hat, bunny ears, egg basket, plaster painting kits, paper tableware, decorative lights will be also in the product range that will be the Special Buys on 28 February.

Consider replacing something in your bedroom. Storage box, suction bathroom accessories, duck feather pillow, sheet packs and more for your bedroom. ALDI has small kitchen appliances like kettle, toaster, 12L toaster oven and blender. Kitchenware like knives, chopping boards and modern products for simplifying things at kitchen. They’ll all be on sale on 28 February.

Kitchen comfort mat, tea towels and similar products are available on pg 14-15. This is the biggest special buys sale I have seen for a single day in this year. Try not to miss out these awesome prices.

Kitchen products:

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ALDI Catalogue 24 February 2018

The ALDI Catalogue has a new selection of products for exercising. Indoor exercising products and activewear have been promoted in the latest special buys catalogue. That is the product range for Week 8 of 2018. Singlets, tees, leggings, tights, joggers and more will be on sale on 24 February.

Compression shorts and tights can be found on pg 10. Feel comfortable with nice high-quality crop pants at the gym. ALDI also prepared a good list of recovery products like barbell sets, suspension weight trainer, battle rope, bumper weights etc. To see them, please visit pg 12-13.

Moreover, to flex your muscles and push a little bit more your body, these products might be useful.

Check this list if you like to see some good deals from this catalogue.