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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

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Aldi Catalogue 17 October Spring Cleaning Sale 2018

Special Buys Week 42 cleaning products are viewable on pg 2-3. Goliath aluminum foil, containers, baking paper, wrap and more are featured items. Find Tandil, Logix, Di San products, too. These are useful products to package something or they are effective in cleaning your home for Spring. You can find bakeware, too. Visit pg 4-5 for fantastic products that will make your baking progress much easier. Sistema food storage items, veggie pods, salad spinners, and others can be found.
On Saturday products, find Spring gardening items. Redecorate your backyard with the beautiful product range of Aldi. They have also power tools. Xfinity lawn mower, cordless line trimmer skin, drill drivers and more are available. Don’t miss out anything from the latest Aldi Catalogue.

Goliath products:

Cleaning products:

Kitchen and food storage products:

Open the catalogue preview to see more products, Saturday deals, and all the special buys.

Aldi Catalogue 13 October 2018 Deals | Kitchen, Electronics

This simple catalogue has really profitable deals for everyone. Air fryer, microwave oven, mixers, blenders, fridge, and more kitchen appliances are on sale at Aldi stores on Saturday. Aldi Catalogue shows the deals on pg 14-15. If you have a small place 82L upright freezer will do the job perfectly. 129L bar fridge is also a perfect product for small places. You can also use it as a side fridge to store only drinks. It has a freezer compartment, too. Make frying easier with digital air fryer which will cost $30 lower.

Improve the technology at home and watch the recent release 4K Blu-Ray movies on a UHD TV. Buy a new Bauhn ultra HD TV for a good price at Aldi stores. Moreover, the sound systems to enhance to joy, even more, are available on pg 17. Aldi Catalogue also has a place for smart home products including Google Home Mini and Nokia Smartphone for controls.

The catalogue has more to offer and you can see brilliant things for cheaper prices.

Aldi Catalogue 10 Oct 2018 | Christmas Treats, Indian Food, Kids’

Among the products, you can buy for Aldi prices on 10 October. Christmas treats is one of the major categories in the deals for 10 October. Lol surprise, Transformers, Disney Princess calendars are effective deals on pg 3. In Christmas treats sale, you have stollen bites, Marzipan Christmas stollen, and more German or European tastes. Aldi Catalogue created a perfect place to find satisfying sweets and goodies, cookies and cakes. A lot of them are featured. Visit pg 4-5 to see all products in this category. Another interesting header from the catalogue is the Indian food. Of course, a lot of spices, tikka masala, butter chicken, and some kitchen ware to cook some good Indian foods. You can take a look at the modern kitchen appliances, cookware, food storage products and healthy ways to make anything happen in your kitchen.

Indian food an kitchenware:

Check out these durable products:

Moreover, the catalogue can help you find a nice clothing deal for kids. Holiday gifts are for playing and learning. The best books must be fun to read and educating. There are many books for kids and they teach them to love animals. Or stories of Paw Patrol, Disney cars, Fisher-Price and more are available.

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Aldi Catalogue 3 October 2018 | Christmas, Living Room, Baby

German style Christmas treats including Walkers shortbread triangles and pfeffernüsse packs are the stars of this catalogue. Tasty treats are the best way to celebrate a nice holiday like Christmas. Pay low to get these treats on pg 2-3 of the Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 40. You have merryteaser reindeer and assorted wafer rolls, too. Milk chocolate coins or novelties will cost only $1.99 at Aldi stores on 3 October.
Redesign your living room with classic furniture. Wooden colours, solid structure, a little bit of vintage effect and a reminder of 80s in the flavor of furniture style of Aldi. Find sofa, tv unit, a comfortable chair and rugs on pg 4-5 of the catalogue. It goes on with panels and decorative accessories on pg 6&7. Moreover, baby products are will be on sale. The deals on nursery items from brands like Mother’s Choice and Fisher-Price are on pg 8-9.


Aldi Catalogue 29 Sep 2018 | Outdoor Toys, Camping

Outdoor activity is something today’s kids are in lack of. In the early ages, kids love to play a lot and they have unlimited energy. Most kids don’t like to play outside because there is not a suitable environment for their taste. This might be about the neighborhood or the locations like complex buildings. Many lack the place in today’s metropole cities. The solution is simple but and it doesn’t require special skills since Aldi Catalogue brought the possible options for you. They have a nice outdoor toys range on pg 10-11 and the products are on sale on Saturday. You won’t even need to motivate them since their core energy will make them do things a lot. For instance, scooter riding or skateboarding is so popular among kids and teens nowadays. However, even skateboarding is a little dangerous for the age group Aldi toy sale focuses on, I recommend safer products like a trampoline. It’s one of the best ways for kids to consume their energy in a healthy way. Apart from that, the best thing about this is they will be kept busy and you will have more spare time.

Camping is another activity which you can also participate. Organize something with your kids and take them to meet nature. Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I believe discovering more things about nature is really good for raising kids. If you don’t have kids, then you can go as couples or alone. Nothing beats spending time with yourself in nature, drinking a nice coffee in the mornings in the deep wild. You will find mostly things for families but get creative and have it your own way.

See rest of this part of the catalogue for power products like inverter generator, portable fridge freezer, 120W solar kit, and more products. This is Special Buys Week 39 – 2018.