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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

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Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 23 Office Supplies | British Snacks, Full HD LED TV

Aldi Office Products and Bauhn Full HD TV

A new electronic sale is basically the content of Aldi Catalogue 6 June aka special buys week 23. Using this catalogue, you can set up an important part of your office since it has the stationery, storage, desk, chair and main elements for the ergonomy, comfort and functionality of an office. Aldi Catalogue has seriously well-prepared product list for people who want to buy some office furniture. It seems like they are comfortable for a working room in your house, too. Also, printers or scanners (which are generally multi-functional devices) are also on sale. Pen, whiteboard and Ful LED TV among these deals. Now, most office rooms feature a decent Full HD TV for advertising, the introduction of your business or another subject for a showcase.

Let’s browse what we can find at Aldi Stores on 6 June.

Office Electronics, Printers etc:

Bauhn TV is a popular one and it’s been many years since Aldi offers these TVs in their catalogues. Every month, or at least once every two months, we can see a new deal on a Bauhn TV. Their quality and models differ for sure.

Aldi British Snacks

The second part of the deals that will be valid on 6 June are Brits’ snacks. We all know the UK is a cool country (not as much cool as Australia) and their snacks should be awesome and classy as hell. Some products are not so different. This is something a little different than European style of course. Enjoy the cool names of those snacks, offer the treats for your guests. Your home will look cool with little British flags as well.

It reminds of Harry Potter movies:

Winter clothing for ladies, home appliances, professional tools, breakfast food and even more categories are in the latest Aldi Catalogue. I recommend not to miss thie one. May the June be with you.

ALDI Catalogue Bedding 23 May 2018


ALDI Catalogue bedding products will be a great sale offering towels, sheet sets, quilt covers and pillows. Not a very unique one but a fairly priced bedroom category is available at ALDI Catalogue. 400 thread count jacquard quilt cover set will cost only $49.99! European deluxe pillows make your sleep a comfortable one, thus you will never feel tired when waking up. Mornings are the most important times of a working day and the quality of your sleep define the quality of mornings as well. Aldi Catalogue which can offer such things is the one which must not be missed out. It would be pitty missing out these offers. Check out the details of these items on pg 2-3:

Also, see the dinnerware, serving products and other products related to the supper. Stylish products are cheaper as well. Your baking art will be even better with the results from the kitchen appliances. Discover the new price range for high-quality items of the kitchen on pg 8-9. Try a different taste on the part of South African favourites on pg 10-11.

ALDI Catalogue Snow Gear 2018 | Special Buys Week 20


Winter has come! If you are a fan of skiing and snowboarding activities check out this Aldi Catalogue. The annual sale of ALDI Stores is again promoted with a new catalogue. This is Special Buys Week 20 that has those classic products we love. INOC and Crane snowboard equipment and outfits will be on sale. I think these products will meet the requirement of a winter sports activity and Aldi will help you to save on all of this high quality material.

Snowboard, ski, thermal wear, accessories, shoes and the necessary clothing for these activities are available through the catalogue. Start browsing on pg 1 to pg 27. You should see all the deals in case you want to involve in such activities this winter.

First of all, Aldi prepared a list of health care products that would be a good selection for winter. You would expect durability and comfort from this kind of products. Prices over performance rate are really high at Aldi. I must warn you about the crowd that will probably happen in stores of Aldi. Snow Gear sales are usually
so popular and people try to buy something as soon as the sales are launched. This year it will be on 19 May 2018.

Take a look at the jackets, pants, snow and skiing products in this Aldi Catalogue.

Accessories are important as well as major clothing items like snow pants and jackets. Leather gloves, balaclava, and products that will enable your hands still use your phone while wearing gloves are going to be available on 19 May 2018. Find these products, check out the prices.


Once I was in Lithuania and there was -30 C degree temperature in February there. People told me to buy leather gloves and thermal underwear as soon as possible because otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to endure the cold outside. Believe me, you will need thermal underwear if you want to feel comfortable during your winter activities. For example, without goggle, you would have the hardship to have a good sight.


Also, socks, beanie, hood tops, fleece products and others can be seen on pg 16&17. More accessories and thermoboots are going to be in stocks by Aldi. Remember to view these products on pg 18-19. The same class of products will be also available in sizes for kids. Not exactly the same ones but the same quality. Thermal underwear, ski jackets, snow pants and helmets for kids will be at Aldi Stores within Snow Gear sale.

Shop ski jackets and snow pants for kids on pg 20-23.

Accessories for kids including helmets and boots:

ALDI Catalogue 9 May 2018 Special Buys Week 19

Aldi Mother’s Day Art Products and UHD TV

Consider replacing your old TV with a new one at a rare price at Aldi Stores. They have a new noteable deal that will enable anyone to buy a new Ultra HD 4K LED TV for only $699. It’s a 65″ TV which is sufficient for most entertainment subjects in my humble opinion. You may encounter this deal in the very first page of the new Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 19 which is currently featured as a preview. The deals are going to be valid on 9 May.

There are other special buys for sure. Make your own entertainment, spend your time efficiently with crafting tools. Aldi has these deals on pg 2-3 on art products. Our day requires skills in everything and developing your own would not harm. If you are interested in art in a professional way, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Mother’s Day Gifts: Personal Care Products

You will have the chance to buy some personal care products including electrical products. Mostly focused on hair care, there are pretty things that I think you would like. Aldi Catalogue Special Buys Week 19 is a way to reach a good price for your favourites. They are good ideas as Mother’s Day gifts as well.

Cosmetics would play an important role in a woman’s inventory. I doubt someone would dislike a new range by Aldi Catalogue that features an adjustment in the prices of Lacura Caviar products. The skin-care health products are healthy and decent products that a lady would require.

Furthermore, follow the Aldi Catalogues on Facebook by subscribing to the page of ours. Get more posts about Aldi Catalogues and new deals on gifts for Mother’s Day. Also, see the review about Mother’s Day Catalogues which offer underwear and sleepwear products.

ALDI Catalogue Mother’s Day Gifts 2018 | 2 May

Everybody can buy a nice gift for their mothers with this supportive ALDI Catalogue which has Special Buys Week 18 deals. It’s literally special because they don’t always offer these products. Celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13th and give your mother a little thing to make a difference. ALDI Catalogue of this week is a place to find womenswear on pg 2-5. Winter clothing must be the best at fair prices of ALDI. Ladies coat, knit pullover, stretch denim jeans and more.

Get more and save more with this kind of catalogues. I think it’s a good idea to explore all these in case of gifts needed.

Ladies’ Accessories as Mother’s Day Gifts:

You can spoil your mother with such pretty things. ALDI is just one of the catalogues but you can even find double the amount here in Target, Big W and Kmart Catalogues. Don’t forget to see this catalogue and enjoy shopping online and in-store. I am sure you will find something useful for your mother in these catalogues.