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Browse the ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 48, which is valid for 27 Nov and 30 Nov 2019.

The current products are available in the catalogue where you can see all these special buys. ALDI’s product range is uniquely chosen and they are only available 2 days a week. They have not a great number of stocks when they bring these products.

Anything can be a subject of an ALDI Catalogue. You can often see brands like Bauhn TV and electronics, Crofton home products, Crane sports products, and more. An HD TV, laptop, game console, toys of popular movie characters and numerous more. If you are familiar with ALDI stores, it’s easy for you to spot a good deal in the catalogues, too. Follow our Facebook or Twitter page to track the future Aldi deals and special buys weeks catalogues.

ALDI Special Buys are published with a number equal to the weeks of a year. So, there will be totally 52 ALDI Special Buys weeks including ALDI snow gear sale.

Moreover, you may share your opinions about stores and reviews here. Discuss the deals, check out your favourite products online.

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ALDI Christmas Trees 6 Nov 2019

Lights, trees, ornaments, figures, traditional and modern pop-culture items are making all homes happier at Christmas time. Although the atmosphere caused by climate is the opposite of what is happening in the west, we can embellish Australian homes with the nicest of the pine. ALDI Christmas Trees are promoted deals on pg 1-7. Also, Christmas lights are possible to see with their 6th of November prices. Not only the lights and traditional theme, the outdoor decoration products are also available. Everybody buys gifts but wrapping them is particularly important when you have events like Christmas. Don't let it some slipshod job with wrapping. ALDI can offer you a great variety of gift wraps with a festive theme. Visit pg 8-9 to see these beautiful designs and Aussie style Christmas products. In the catalogue, find bedding, sheets, pillows, towels, outdoor living furniture, dining tables, art products, and more. Subscribe to ALDI Catalogue to see more prices in the future weeks.

ALDI Swimwear Deals 2 November 2019

Special Buys Week 44 catalogue offers swimwear including wetsuit, shorts, and other beach products on pg 14-15. One of the things we love is swim travel mats. They are really popular on Australian beaches. When ALDI has them, I recommend you to buy a few since these prices are probably rarer than we might imagine. From what I hear, the stocks of this supermarket don't last long when such outdoor products like snow gear are on sale. Find Adults' swimwear and beach clothing on pg 16&17. ALDI offers towels, too. If you want to get rid of the problem once and for all, visit your local ALDI store to shop these products at these costs.

Try some adrenaline pumped sports like kayaking. I know it's one of the most popular activities regarding touristic attractions. Exotic places might require some actions like kayaking, particularly in places with clear water. ALDI Catalogue has an inflatable kayak and related products on pg 18-19 which also includes clothing.

ALDI 4K Android TV 30 Oct 2019

I love cinema theatres and the atmosphere around them when it's in a crowded part of the city. However, although I am an active moviegoer and an enthusiast of arthouse movies, I still like to have my own time at home more than anything else. Opening my favourite beverage and snack while my film is on TV is an irreplaceable taste for people like me. I am simply a nerd in that sense. So, I guess I will always need a decent TV that can run apps like Netflix, Mubi, Amazon Prime, etc. ALDI 4K Android TV is a Bauhn brand TV and it can do the task. 65" is a big enough screen for most film lovers. Pay only $799 for that TV and check out more electronics or TV accessories in the latest ALDI Catalogue.
Get smarter with your home technology. Find the necessary items at ALDI stores. The latest catalogue seems to be a source of good deals on even more products. One of them is the smart technology to manage the energy consumption of hour house. Find security camera, LED lights, and more on pg 10-11. They will also bring some car products like cooling car seat cushions. Basics to make your in-car time easier are available on pg 12-13.

Smart security:

Car products :

ALDI Catalogue Christmas Festive Foods 30 Oct

See seafood and fantastic meat products in this ALDI Catalogue. Cooked lobster, buttery, prawns, salmon, and more items are on pg 2-3. Packaged turkey offers like turkey thigh roast and turducken roast are being promoted on pg 2-5. This is the first time ALDI Catalogue has these festive foods for celebration parties on a catalogue this year. Maybe they had similar products in January after new year's eve. I don't remember that but currently, there is some nice turkey meat sale on pg 4-5. ALDI Catalogue Christmas Festive foods are mostly seafood and turkeys.
ALDI has retro toys for everyone. Some might remember such toys from their childhood. Retro is a really popular theme in the 2010s. I also believe it'll be even more popular to have some retro things in the 2020s, too. These toys are being shown on the catalogue:

Learn about a smart TV deal and TV accessories on pg 8-9. Android TVs can run apps like Netflix. Speaking of smartness, ALDI also has smart home products that can be used to monitor the activities and consumption of energy. Car products, car seat cushion, cleaning accessories, and more are also available in the new ALDI Catalogue.

ALDI Super Savers Food Deal 16 - 22, 2019

ALDI is not a store for subsidiaries only. You can find a decent food range in the catalogues or in-store sales of this German brand. If you visit the official page of this store, you can find recipes, award-winning products, and the super savers. They usually has a part of ALDI Super savers food deal in these catalogues which are essentially the online source to track the special buys. ALDI Catalogue promotes the Christmas sweets and European snacks but it also has a part where you can find meat deals. Chicken breast kebabs, smoked salmon, and more items are this week's promotions.

Find more savings and shopping items in terms of food. If you have plans of camping and BBQ party with friends, you might want to see the deals on ALDI camping products and food. On the same section, ALDI pool products are also being shown with the latest prices. In addition, you can visit to see currently promoted discounts on a bigger range of products. You can also download a recipe on this site. It is the recipe of Chocolate Avocado Mousse. You can also read it online; a cute dessert with 10min. prep and 3 hour chill time.