Target Catalogue Christmas Toys; LEGO Millenium Falcon

We can literally start a countdown, counting a good toy range on this catalogue every day. The first of these toys is the LEGO sets including Millenium Falcon which is the space ship saved Luke's ass in the first Star Wars movie. Star Wars Lego sets are available on pg 2 and you can also find exclusive sets. One of the exclusive toys there is Tantive IV 75244 which is not very cheap but it's on sale. Pay $263.20 for that Lego Set which you should decide whether it's worth it or not. If you like LEGO sets so much or you have a friend who loves it to death, then it's perhaps what you should buy as a gift or for yourself. You can find droids, Yoda, and maybe the coolest of the SW franchise by LEGO on that page. Target Catalogue Christmas Toys will be one of the top subjects in the posts this month.

However, that's not all of it regarding the LEGO products. Duplo sets are also there. Find Friends and more of Disney's characters including Frozen II. Visit pg 3 for the details of more LEGO sets. Target Catalogue Christmas Toys and more will be the content here in the upcoming weeks.

IGA Cadbury Chocolate Deals From Catalogue

As Christmas is approaching, most catalogues have important deals on chocolate products including Cadbury. In the latest IGA Catalogue, you can browse Ferrero Rocher deal which is a half-price deal. The true sale of snacks and beverage can be seen on pg 5. Cadbury dairy milk, chocolate blocks, and more snacks are available on pg 5. IGA Cadbury chocolate deal and more Christmas treats are also viewable on pg 5. For example, buy Kinder surprise maxi Christmas egg 100g for only $6. There two important pages where you can find IGA Cadbury chocolate deals this week. Go to the final page of the catalogue to see these deals:

On the first page, you can buy Ferrero Rocher gift box 200g for $6.30. Did you know Cadbury's history goes back to 1824? The father of the brand was John Cadbury who was selling chocolate, tea, and coffee in Birmingham, England at the time. The dairy milk bar was firstly produced in 1905 and at the time, the product was accepted as premium quality with a high proportion of milk. It was developed by George Cadbury, Jr. That exceptional taste brought them the chance of mass-production. Then, they become one of the biggest brands in the world. In Australia, it's easily the number one chocolate brand in almost all catalogues.

Big W Catalogue Christmas Toys 20% Off 12 - 24 Dec 2019

Shop this range of toys at 20% cheaper prices until Christmas' Eve. Big W Catalogue Christmas toys will cost 20% off regarding most brands including Lego, Jumanji, Toy Story 4, Hot Wheels, Nerf, Laser X, board games, and more. Toy Story 4 characters are the promoted toys on the cover page. You can also find Pokémon, Frozen II, Fun Size Board Games priced at $12.

Being one of the most popular toy brands in almost all toy sale catalogues in Australia, LEGO has another great range of toys for Christmas on Big W Catalogue. Most top brands will cost 20% cheaper this week. Just like the previous catalogue, you can save a significant amount of the regular costs at Big W. Shop Hot Wheels and Nerf toys on pg 4-5. Three new Hot Wheels packs might be surprising for Christmas. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks epic loop challenge will cost $23. Nerf Zombie Strike, Nerf N-Strike Elite, and more products are also possible gifts.

But the catalogue is not only a toy sale. In fact, you can only find toys until page 16. After that, clothing sale is being promoted. And they have big deals on clothing items, too. That includes casual and underwear clothing, too. Subscribe to get similar deals in your email.

The deals are not valid yet:

And more deals are available on the Big W Catalogue. It would only be a help if you browse gift catalogues before you buy something for Christmas.

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Gifts 11 - 17 Dec 2019

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Gifts 11 - 17 Dec 2019Shop Woolworths Catalogue to buy some gifts of the household and apparel category. This week, new release movies are also on the Woolies catalogue. For example, you can buy Downtown Abbey the movie or Angry Birds 2 DVD for $20 each. In most cultures, the abstract concept of occasional gifting is very much related to personal care products for God-knows-why reason. I don't even have an idea of why underwear is a great gift in most cultures. But I can say that it's almost one of the best things about Christmas gifting because most people are lazy to go buy some underwear. This must be especially true for some men. The last thing I would want is to sound like a stereotype-thinking person so let's skip that side of the story. However, for they are classic gifts and popular among people, most supermarkets and stores offer lower prices of underwear products. Woolworths Catalogue is one of them. So, if you go to pg 30, you can see half-price deals on Bonds men's Xmas guy front trunk and more underwear products.

Also, gift cards are available on the catalogue. You can see some deals on iTunes gift cards, and more gift cards on pg 31. Smartphones are cheaper at Woolworths so maybe you might want to see phones and half-price deals on the same page. Check out what Woolies has got for you:

Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone $34 At Coles Catalogue Sale

Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone $34 At Coles Catalogue SaleThis product is unavailable online and the deal is valid with a limit of 1 only. You can save $15 on a simple but quality Optus phone at Coles this week. Coles Catalogue Optus X Lite prepaid mobile phone will cost $34 tomorrow. If you buy one $30+ recharge, you can get next two free when you purchase any Optus prepaid phone. Technical details of the phone are as follows:

- MMs, Bluetooth, FM Radio, 25 MB memory, and up to 32GB external memory on Micro SD.
- It's compatible with 3G network.
- Camera is VGA
- Display is 2.4" QVGA

A very simple, almost abstract version of the phone concept. But much cheaper than a smartphone or its contemporary and equal-level phones. $34 is a good price if you only need some calls and texting. You can also play music on this phone. Moreover, you can find more mobile deals on Coles Catalogue 11 - 17 Dec. Smartphones of Samsung and Oppo, Vodafone products, and more are there. If you want to shop for these products, you might want to go to pg 31 of the catalogue. Subscribe to the catalogue to get free emails about such deals. Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone is just one of the deals on the current catalogue.