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Become IGA Family Program for FreeLeave your email for IGA to receive great recipes and news. IGA family program members receive exclusive offers, too. Subjects like cooking with kids, basics of health and body, pets, and home economics are being discussed on the family program page of the store. They have great content. IGA Recipes are one of them. Recently they shared potato curry recipe. I tried chickpea curry recipe two times recently. With some boiled rice and vegetables, it’s a fantastic dish. I think potato curry is a similar dish, too. You can find recipes for hot cross buns, pumpkin, ginger, and coconut muffins, ramen, and more foods for dinner or launch.

IGA Family Program gets you in touch with the community you live with. Recently, IGA partnered up with Sanitarium. They aim to collaborate to improve Australian’s healthy daily life. They do that by sharing the knowledge of nutritionists and health experts. Learn about diet, healthy life, and healthy food recipes. Get your kids to eat vegetables with help by IGA Family Program. Meanwhile, check the IGA Catalogue regularly to find the necessary ingredients at a low cost. I think it’s a good place to learn a lot if you like to get engaged with your local store and the community of shoppers. Supermarkets become little centers of society and we learn that very well during this pandemic. Subscribe to the newsletter of ours, too if you want to hear from these things. You can also follow our social accounts.

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