Big W Toy Sale Catalogue Craft Toys 20 Jun – 10 Jul, 2019

As you are probably familiar with, the latest Big W Catalogue toy sale has several important categories and one of them is Craft, party and lifestyle toys. For example, Play-Doh toys fall into this category. You can buy Play-Doh toys at 25% cheaper prices with the toy sale catalogue. Big W stores have a wide range of all types of entertainment products and the characters from movies like Toy Story 4, Marvel’s Avengers or Spider-Man, and dozens of more popular culture elements. These are the toys addressing kids who want to create something on their own. They can make buildings or sculpts using the Play-Doh products that are designed for making different things such as kitchen products. Kitchen creations ultimate chef play food set is a set of Play-Doh doughs to make toy versions of professional kitchen tools.
Color books and DIY toys are also in this part of the toy sale. Find some packs that contain necessary tools to build up things like slime, wonder garden, slime case, nail spa, etc. Go to pg 83 of the catalogue to discover some new deals on Crayolas, stationery products with awesome discounts. Save 40% off all smash other realm stationery products. Like all other categories, DIY toys have popular brands like Kaleidoscope. Stickers, glue, scissors, and more toys are for children who like to make something out of crafting items. I know that most players, kids, and gamers love to craft from the RPG games like Witcher 3 or Skyrim. They are so popular games and the most important thing about those games that you develop your character and you constantly craft something. Browse pg 81-85 for all crafting or similar-class toys.

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