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Car care products and tyre deals are usually the popular subjects of Bob Jane Catalogue regularly. Bob Jane T-Marts offer tyre and wheel services and products. Alignment, balancing, tyre check and more services are available for a fee at this store. In winter, you will need to change your tyres and Bob Jane Catalogue may offer you a profitable solution for replacement. BOGO deals and special cashback deals are the promotions on these catalogues. In this page, you can always browse the older and new catalogues. Bridgestone, Renegade, Michelin, Yokohama, Trax, and more major brands of tyres are usually available in these online sales. Not only tyres but also other parts of your car, for example, batteries are in the product range of this retailer. The discussion here also covers special offers like Buy 3 get 4th free.

Best tyre price guarantee is also one of the services of Bob Jane. A dozen of stores located in Sydney and more across the whole country. Bob Jane T-Marts serve with 135 stores.

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Bob Jane Catalogue August 2022

Bob Jane offers the best tyre price guarantee. And the latest catalogue for August contains some nice BOGO deals. The catalogue is also a source of cashback savings. Buy 4 selected tyres and get $150 cash back with Goodyear, Bridgestone, BFGoodRich brands. Red Hot Price of Monster satin black wheel on the front page is only $229! These BOGO deals and price drops can also be seen in the categories that can be seen on pg 2-3. Save hundreds on various sets of tyres. Exclusive Bob Jane T-marts, A Read More...


Bob Jane Catalogue July 2022

Bob Jane Catalogue massive winter deals are here. They offer best tyre price guarantee. Browse products of Bridgestone, J-Trax, Yokohama, Dunlop on the front page. Most of these will be BOGO deals. There are also wheel deals. Verge charcoal machined Auscar red hot price is only $125. Get $100 cash back wyb 4 selected tyres. Bob Jane already categorized tyres according to their performances. Some tyres are budget friendly and there are also comfort tyres. If you visit pg 2 and 3, you can find Read More...

Bob Jane Catalogue Tyre Deals March 2019

Bob Jane t-marts catalogue offers are a great chance to save on high-quality 4x4 / SUV tyres. You can buy 4th J-Trax 4x4 tyre for free after buying 3 of them. $100 cash back wyb 4 selected tyres. Buy 3 selected tyres and get 1 free from Bridgestone and J-Trax. Bob Jane Catalogue performance, passenger, budget, and commercial tyres are available on pg 2. Find and see the prices of top brands tyres on that page. The lowest price is on Radar Tyres. You can buy one 175/70 R13 82T for only $59 at Bob Jane. Of course, the price is also for the services like fitting, balance etc. See more sizes of tyres from different brands such as Michelin on pg 3.
Moreover, Bob Jane offers a price guarantee! These tyres are also satisfaction guaranteed. Use run flat tyres not to stop anywhere whatever happens. Run-flat tyres can go on at a moderate speed even when they are damaged and you got a warning from your car. BMW cars usually got run flats. However, take note that these will ruin the fuel economy since they are heavier than other tyres. Also, see the good-looking wheels which are pretty popular for people who like to customize their cars. Visit pg 4 for the wheel deals on trak, hotwire, vorst, RF3 etc.

Bob Jane Catalogue Tyre Deals 1 - 28 Feb 2019

Bob Jane T-Mar offers awesome Bridgestone tyres with BOGO deals. Get your 4th tyre for free. Winter is coming and all drivers will need to change their tyres. Sometimes it's really costly. Many tyre deals are available in Bob Jane Catalogue 1 - 28 Feb. Buy 3 Selected tyres from J-Trax, Bridgestone, Ecopia and get 1 free. When you buy 4 tyres of Yokohama, Michelin and Hankook, you will get $100 cashback. Choose the correct tyre for your car on pg 2. If you use a commercial car, 15" and 16" tyres are also available on this page. Bob Jane also offers price guarantee. Bob Jane all-rounder is a budget-friendly tyre and three types of it are available on pg 2. Customize your wheels with the best brands at Bob Jane. The catalogue shows nice deals on wheels as well. Auscar, CSA auto wheels, Roh wheels, are among the brands you can find on pg 4. Jet black wheels and very stable products for years. Get your stainless steel black wheels on your truck. Visit pg 5 for awesome products. American Racing ansen offroad 17" wheel is only $209!