Bunnings Catalogue Father’s Day Gifts 2016

Don’t think quirky and weird things will make a man happier. Men love the tools like they loved toys in their childhoold. Bunnings Catalogue Father’s Day Gifts 2016 is exactly the focus point when you realise this fact. Bunnings always comes up with idea of warehouse catalogue prepared just for Father’s Day each year. This time again we have a fortunate opportunity to shop for quality well-made power tools for dad. From power tools to cleaning you will find a huge sale at Bunnings Catalogue today.

Bunnings Catalogue Father’s Day Deals

Power Tools and Storage

Heart of each warehouse catalogue is the power tools because they are the products drawing the most attention. Ozito’s combo kit, Bosch impact drill are like a Batman figure to a boy for dad. They look damn cool and they are sweet with prices of Bunnings Catalogues. However, power tools need the storage. When you have plenty of these hand tools and electronic stuff you need practical solution for storing them properly. They must be easy to reach whenever you need them. Instant finding is the keyword in your workzone. It would be ridiciluos if a catalogue of this retailer has nothing to do with storage solutions.

For power tools check pg 2-9 and if you need tool or garage storage check out pg 10-13.

Of course tech is not everything about working hard and precisely. Regarding hand tools range of Bunnings this problem can also be considered as solved. Find multi tool kit, drive socket set, screwdriver set of top brands on pg 14-17. Inside this Bunnings Catalogue you can find tools like:

Ryobi one+ Drill driver kit 18V $199
Ryobi 18 V battery charger kit $179
Ryobi 18V 4 pce combo kit $399
DeWalt 18V Li-Ion drill driver $199

Makita cordless jobsite radio $163
Makita brushless 2 pce combo kit $399
Ozito digital mini compressor $44.98
Ozito air tool accessories $19.97
Ryobi 1100W petrol generator $329

Gerni 1kW high pressure cleaner $98
Ryobi 68 pce drill bit set $29.99
Ozito 20L Wet&Dry vacuum $65

on pg 3-7.


Simplicity and precision of the tools used while gardening have been improved adadequately so far. And Bunnings Catalogue has been working on the marketing of these awesome products. You can see the results on pg 20. Finding the perfect prices you can see whatever you need for gardening. Check out pg 20-25 for all gardening products.

Also you may discover sophisticated design for your garden on pg 27. Elements to decorate your garden are limitless by number. If you consider a gift from this shelf check out that page and save while shopping for quality.

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